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Certain accessories, armor sets, and other sources affect the invisible Aggro statistic, which is the ability for enemies to notice and target the player.

Source Aggro change
Colossal Squid.png Colossal Squid -750 (while being eaten)
Psychotic Amulet.png Psychotic Amulet In stealth mode, aggro is decreased based on visibility to a cap of -750
Bloodflare armor.png Bloodflare armor +900 (Bloodflare Mask)
Elysian Aegis.png Elysian Aegis With guard activated, aggro is quickly increased to a cap of +1,100
Asgardian Aegis.png Asgardian Aegis With guard activated, aggro is quickly increased to a cap of +1,100
Auric Tesla armor.png Auric Tesla armor +1,200 (Auric Tesla Royal Helm)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aggro reductions of -750 nearly guarantee the player will not be targeted.
  • Enemies in the Abyss have their own unique detection radius system, independent of Aggro, which can be affected by items such as Anechoic Coating and Abyssal Diving Suit as well as the Luminous Corvina enemy.
    • Despite this, being eaten by Colossal Squid decreases Aggro rather than the Abyss creatures' unique detection radii.
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