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Armageddon inventory icon
Type Tool
Tooltip Makes any hit while a boss is alive instantly kill you
Effect can be toggled on and off
Using this while a boss is alive will instantly kill you and despawn the boss
If a boss is defeated with this effect active it will drop 10 treasure bags, 9 in normal mode
If any player dies while a boss is alive the boss will instantly despawn
Rarity Rarity Level: 11

Armageddon is an item that can be activated and deactivated. When active, it has multiple effects on gameplay:

  • While a boss is alive, any direct damage (such as enemy or projectile contact) to the player takes will result in instant death.
  • Dying during a boss battle causes the boss to immediately despawn.
  • The player's respawn time is much shorter.
  • Bosses drop 9 Treasure Bags in Normal Mode and 10 in Expert Mode.

It can be crafted at an Altar and does not have any ingredients.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The instant death effect while the item is active bypasses revival effects from God Slayer armor, Silva armor and Auric Tesla armor as well as Invincible buff from Purified Jam.
  • Debuffs such as teleporting using a Rod of Discord under of the effects of Chaos State or Holy Inferno will not kill the player instantly. They decrease the health as usual.
  • If used while a boss is alive, it will instantly kill the player and despawn any active bosses.
    • The activation does not bypass revival effects, but it will still despawn the boss.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Whenever the player dies while under the effects of this item, the death message will always be "<PlayerName>'s legs appeared where his/her head should be", regardless of the actual cause of death.
    • This is the same death message that appears when the player dies using the Rod of Discord under the effects of Chaos State.
    • This is also the same death message that appears when reaching the hit cap during Supreme Calamitas's battle.
  • This item uses a similar palette to the Astral Meteor enemies. This is due to the fact that the Astrageldon Slime is a reference to the Armageddon Slime from the Terraria Exxo Avalon mod, which this item shares its name with.
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