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Astral Infection

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Not to be confused with the debuff or the consumable Astral Injection.

"This twisted dreamscape, surrounded by unnatural pillars under a dark and hazy sky."

The Astral Infection is a Hardmode biome added by the Calamity Mod. It crash-lands into the Dungeon side of the world via a meteor upon defeating the Wall of Flesh, which infects the nearby terrain and extends somewhat deep underground. The biome is filled with a sickly purple haze, and is populated by many alien creatures as well as dark monoliths of various sizes. It also contains a large Astral Monolith pillar, which houses an Astral Beacon on top of it. Players are alerted of the Astral Infection's arrival via a status message: "A star has fallen from the heavens!"

The meteor itself is made out of Astral Ore, which can only be mined after defeating the Astrum Deus boss. Nearby tiles are converted into Astral versions of themselves, including Astral Dirt, Astral Stone, Astral Sand, and Astral Ice, among others. Trees are converted into Astral Monoliths.

Two bosses, Astrum Aureus and Astrum Deus, can be summoned in this biome.

In Death Mode, the gravity here will be similar to the Space layer. This can be negated with a Gravity Normalizer Potion. The atmosphere will also appear to be hazier.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Astral Infection
Characters Unique Drops
Astral ProbeAstral Probe
Big SightseerBig Sightseer
Small SightseerSmall Sightseer

On Surface:

Astral SlimeAstral Slime


Hive (enemy)Hive
Stellar CulexStellar Culex


Fusion FeederFusion Feeder
Enchanted NightcrawlerEnchanted Nightcrawler


Astrum AureusAstrum Aureus
Astrum DeusAstrum Deus
From all enemies:

From Atlases:

Titan HeartTitan Heart

After defeating Astrum Aureus:

From Aries:
Stellar KnifeStellar Knife
From Astralachneas:
Astralachnea StaffAstralachnea Staff
From Astral Slimes:
Abandoned Slime StaffAbandoned Slime Staff
From Atlases:
Titan ArmTitan Arm
From Hadarians:
Hadarian MembraneHadarian Membrane
From Hives:
Hive PodHive Pod
From Mantises:
Astral ScytheAstral Scythe
From Novas:
Stellar CannonStellar Cannon
From Stellar Culexes:
Starbuster CoreStarbuster Core

From Astral Slimes
after defeating Astrum Deus:

Astral OreAstral Ore
From terrain:
Astral ClayAstral Clay
Astral DirtAstral Dirt
Astral IceAstral Ice
Astral OreAstral Ore
Astral MonolithAstral Monolith
Astral SandAstral Sand
Astral SandstoneAstral Sandstone
Astral SnowAstral Snow
Astral StoneAstral Stone
Celestial RemainsCelestial Remains
Hardened Astral SandHardened Astral Sand
Novae SlagNovae Slag
Astral BeaconAstral Beacon

From Fishing:

Aldebaran AlewifeAldebaran Alewife
Astral CrateAstral Crate
Twinkling PolloxTwinkling Pollox
Procyonid PrawnProcyonid Prawn
Arcturus AstroideanArcturus Astroidean
Gacruxian MolluskGacruxian Mollusk
Polaris ParrotfishPolaris Parrotfish
Ursa SergeantUrsa Sergeant

Conditions[edit | edit source]

An Astral Infection meteor has a 100% chance of spawning after defeating the Wall of Flesh for the first time. After the first meteor has landed, defeating Astrum Aureus will always spawn a meteor in the world, assuming the limits have not been met yet.

No new meteors will fall if there are already a certain number of Astral Ore blocks above 0 depth. The limits are:

  • Small worlds: 200 Astral Ore blocks
  • Medium worlds: 400 Astral Ore blocks
  • Large worlds: 600 Astral Ore blocks

Alternatively, meteors will fall but not infect any nearby terrain if there are already a certain number of Astral-infected tiles in the world. Astral Ore blocks are not counted toward this total. The limits are:

  • Small worlds: 400 Astral-infected tiles
  • Medium worlds: 600 Astral-infected tiles
  • Large worlds: 800 Astral-infected tiles

16% of the world centered on the player's spawn point is protected from falling meteors. Meteors will not land within 25 tiles of a player, NPC, or a chest, nor directly on top of a platform.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Map Background Astral Infection.png
Map Background.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Surface Astral Infection's theme is The Heaven-Sent Abomination, which was composed by the artist DM DOKURO.
    • This theme is a remake of the original theme that used to play in the biome: Heaven's Hell-Sent Gift.
    • If the Calamity Music add-on mod is disabled, the Space biome's theme will play for the whole Astral Infection instead.
  • The Underground Astral Infection's theme is Treasures Within the Abomination, which was also composed by the artist DM DOKURO.
  • The Astral Infection can infect several blocks that are unaffected by the Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow, including Dirt, Snow, Clay, Silt, and Desert Fossils.
  • The Enchanted Nightcrawlers which spawn naturally in this biome are clones of the original vanilla NPC, which drop the same item when caught with a Bug Net.
  • The Astral Infection used to be only a mini-biome known as the "Astral Meteor", which did not infect any tiles upon its crashing and possessed a different color scheme of yellow and pink.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Astral infection hails from the depths of space, carried on the remains of corroded and broken planets. How those planets were destroyed remains a mystery, yet traces of dark matter tell tale of a chaotic force. Upon being shattered, fragments are scattered across the galaxy and collide with other celestial bodies. Wherever those meteors land, the surrounding ecosystems become modified, slowly twisting and warping to the infections will. This is all brought about by a single species of pathogen, carried by the meteor, and reformed by chaos to serve a new purpose. Gigantic monoliths of dark stone begin to rise from the ground. The trees rot away, replaced with pillar-like growths serving as further breeding grounds for the virus. Organic creatures are swiftly transformed beyond recognition as the microbe enters them and multiplies through their bodies, twisting them into self-mockeries that live and die to protect and spread the infection. The pillars exhale a thick violet haze that blankets the mutated land and permeates the system of any living being that wanders near, warping vision and stinging exposed flesh.

The virus’ control does not stop at the planet and its residents. If any entity is powerful enough to consume these infected planets, then they too are prey for the infection. Their entire astronomical body becomes a breeding ground for its new parasites. The original host may continue to travel the cosmos - but their purpose of existence is reduced to spreading the virus across the universe as yet another vector of the disease. All across the cosmos, brought about by the phage, these areas of infection are not uncommon. Many worlds have fallen to the virus, and grow dark, as the virus devours the planet to its core. As it continues to spread, it overrules any semblance to natural order. The weak become strong, the hunters the hunted. But in the end, the final result is a world turned into a nightmare for all, ruled by fear.