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Blast Barrel

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Blast Barrel
  • Blast Barrel.png
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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage32 Rogue
Knockback8 (Very Strong)
Critical chance4%
Use time21 Fast
TooltipThrows a rolling barrel that explodes on wall collision
Stealth strikes makes the barrel bounce twice before disappearing with varied effects after each bounce
'Some people used to jump over these'
Inflicts DebuffOn Fire!On Fire!
100% chance

Debuff duration4 seconds (Shrapnel)
3-6 seconds (Fire shards)
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell 2 Gold Coin.png 40 Silver Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Wall of Flesh 1 20% / 33.33%

The Blast Barrel is a Hardmode bomb dropped by the Wall of Flesh. When thrown, it will roll across the ground through all enemies it comes into contact with until it hits a wall. Upon colliding with a wall, it will explode into shrapnel and fire shards or bounce again then explode. Shrapnel and fire shards inflict the On Fire! debuff.

Performing a stealth strike with the Blast Barrel will cause the next barrel thrown to guaranteed bounce off of walls 2 times before exploding on the third wall.

Its best modifier is Flawless.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon and its tooltip are a reference to the Donkey Kong game series, which frequently features explosive barrels that launch the player in certain directions, sometimes referred to as "Blast Barrels".
  • The weapon and its description, 'Some people used to jump over these', are a reference to the classic Donkey Kong arcade game, where Donkey Kong throws barrels at the player that they have to jump over.