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Administrator Noticeboard
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    Hiya? Im not sure if im doing this right or posting this in the correct location, but I wanted to address/suggest something. I love this webpage and its content, however one thing has continued to bother me, that being that not all items/weapon has visuals for what they look like in game. and while the text-only still helps alot, sometimes it doesn't do an Item justice. so, I was wondering why that, was. I am assuming that not everyone can just test out every weapon obviously, so if that were the case, I'd like to offer to help. I figure going through and testing out weapons and items in game to provide a better experience to new people in the game coming here looking for help (especially with the new update) That being said, keep up the amazing work, and I hope to help however I can

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, -Gwen

    I assume you're talking about weapon GIFs here. GIFs generally increase page load times by a lot, and we want to avoid this wherever possible. To that end, we have a couple of rules regarding which weapons get GIFs. Firstly, if a text description suffices to describe a weapon's function, then it does not get a GIF. Secondly, only the last weapon in a crafting line will get a GIF, unless there is a substantial change in function between it and the weapon below it. I hope this clears it up and welcome any further contributions you make.
    If you'd like to talk more, please join the Official Calamity Mod Discord server and ask a Moderator+ for the Wiki Contributor role which gives you access to a channel where you can discuss edits with other contributors.
    Temp35 (The One True King) (talk) 10:08, 2 June 2020 (UTC)