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The Cavern layer features 16 new enemies, including a miniboss, as well as a shrine structure which contains an Onyx Excavator Key. Several new ores spawn in this layer after certain bosses have been defeated.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Diamond Crawler.png Diamond Crawler
Emerald Crawler.png Emerald Crawler
Ruby Crawler.png Ruby Crawler
Cosmic Elemental.png Cosmic Elemental

After defeating The Hive Mind/The Perforators:

Aero Slime.png Aero Slime

In Hardmode:

Overloaded Soldier.png Overloaded Soldier
Sun Bat.png Sun Bat
Phantom Debris.png Phantom Debris
Earth Elemental.png Earth Elemental

After defeating Cryogen:

Cryo Slime.png Cryo Slime

After defeating Plantera:

Armored Digger.png Armored Digger
Perennial Slime.png Perennial Slime

After defeating Providence, the Profaned Goddess:

Bloom Slime.png Bloom Slime
From Shrines:
Onyx Excavator Key.png Onyx Excavator Key

From Diamond Crawlers:
Diamond.png Diamond

From Emerald Crawlers:

Emerald.png Emerald

From Ruby Crawlers:

Ruby.png Ruby

From Cosmic Elementals:

Bone Sword.png Bone Sword
Starfury.png Starfury
Enchanted Sword (item).png Enchanted Sword
Arkhalis.png Arkhalis

From Phantom Debris, Skeletons,
and Armored Skeletons:

Ancient Bone Dust.png Ancient Bone Dust

From Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, and Armored Skeletons
in Pre-Hardmode:

Waraxe.png Waraxe

From Mother Slimes:

Murky Sludge.png Murky Sludge

From Blue Jellyfishes:

Mana Jelly.png Mana Jelly

From Green Jellyfishes:

Vital Jelly.png Vital Jelly

From Crawdads:

Craw Carapace.png Craw Carapace

From Giant Shellies:

Giant Shell.png Giant Shell

From Rune Wizards:
Eye of Magnus.png Eye of Magnus

From Aero Slimes:

Aerialite Ore.png Aerialite Ore

From Cryo Slimes:

Cryonic Ore.png Cryonic Ore

From Perennial Slimes:

Perennial Ore.png Perennial Ore

From Bloom Slimes:

Uelibloom Ore.png Uelibloom Ore

From Sun Bats:

Essence of Sunlight.png Essence of Sunlight

From Sun Bats under
Defiled Rune's effect:

Hel-Fire.png Hel-Fire

From Armored Diggers:

Draedon's Remote.png Draedon's Remote
Demonic Bone Ash.png Demonic Bone Ash
Lead Wizard.png Lead Wizard

From Phantom Debris and Overloaded Soldiers
after defeating Providence:

Phantoplasm.gif Phantoplasm

From Earth Elementals:

Aftershock.png Aftershock
Earthen Pike.png Earthen Pike
Slag Magnum.png Slag Magnum
Arid Artifact.png Arid Artifact

From terrain:

After defeating The Hive Mind/The Perforators:

Aerialite Ore.png Aerialite Ore

After defeating Plantera:

Perennial Ore.png Perennial Ore

After defeating Providence:

Uelibloom Ore.png Uelibloom Ore

After defeating Jungle Dragon, Yharon:

Auric Ore.png Auric Ore

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