Cosmic Elemental

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Cosmic Elemental
Cosmic Elemental.png
Type Enemy
Environment Cavern
AI Type Granite Elemental AI
Damage 20 / 40
Max Life 25 / 50
Defense 15
KB Resist 50%
Inflicts debuff
Confused.png Confused
100% chance
Debuff duration 1 second / 6.66 seconds
Debuff tooltip Your controls are reversed
Item (Quantity) Rate
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword
Starfury.png Starfury
2% / 5%
Enchanted Sword (item).png Enchanted Sword
1% / 5%
Arkhalis.png Arkhalis
0.1% / 5%

The Cosmic Elemental is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Cavern. It drops a number of different rare swords. They behave similarly to Granite Elementals, as they are capable of flying through walls and can often roll when damaged.

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