Cursed Inferno

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For the vanilla debuff page see Cursed Inferno
Cursed Inferno
Cursed Inferno.png
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-6 life per second
Target receives 20% more damage (if player)
No health regeneration
-6 life per second
-20% damage reduction (if enemy)
Tooltip Losing life
All damage taken increased by 20%

Cursed Inferno is a vanilla debuff that deals damage over time to anything it afflicts. The Calamity Mod further augments this by causing those afflicted to have their DR (Damage reduction) stat reduced by 20% while in Revengeance and Death Mode. This effect stacks with most other damage reduction reducing effects. If inflicted on the player, the player takes 20% more damage instead of reducing damage reduction.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From Calamity Items[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Terratomere Terratomere 10 seconds 100%
True Ark of the Ancients True Ark of the Ancients 3 seconds (Terra balls) 100%
Entropic Claymore Entropic Claymore 5 seconds 100%
Continental Greatbow Continental Greatbow 7 seconds (Cursed Arrow) 100%
Empyrean armor Empyrean armor 2 seconds (Empyrean Blast explosions, Fire sparks, Orbs, Bubbles, and Stars) 100%
Reaver armor Reaver armor 1 second (Helm explosions) 100%
Necklace of Vexation Necklace of Vexation 2 seconds 100%
Corrupted Crusher Blade Corrupted Crusher Blade 3 seconds 100%
Earth Earth 10 seconds (RGB meteor) 100%
Elemental Eruption Elemental Eruption 5 seconds 100%
Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword 5 seconds (Blade)
2 seconds (Projectile)
True Tyrant's Ultisword True Tyrant's Ultisword 5 seconds (Melee)
2 seconds (Red blades)
4 seconds (Green blades)
Terra Flameburster Terra Flameburster 5 seconds 100%
Mangrove Chakram Mangrove Chakram 4 seconds 100%
Holiday Halberd Holiday Halberd 6 seconds (Green fireball) 100%
Cursed Capper Cursed Capper 4 seconds 100%
God's Bellows God's Bellows 5 seconds 100%
Tome of Fates Tome of Fates 4 seconds 100%
Everglade Spray Everglade Spray 5 seconds 100%
Exoblade Exoblade 2 seconds 100%
Subsuming Vortex Subsuming Vortex 2 seconds 100%
Cursed Dagger Cursed Dagger 2 Seconds 100%
Shard of Antumbra Shard of Antumbra 8 seconds 100%
Mythril Knife Mythril Knife 5 seconds 100% (Stealth strikes)
Elemental Gauntlet Elemental Gauntlet 2 seconds 100%
Vivid Clarity Vivid Clarity 2 seconds 100%
Ultra Liquidator Ultra Liquidator 2 seconds 100%
Soul Harvester Soul Harvester 5 seconds (Contact) 100%
Photoviscerator Photoviscerator 2 seconds 100%
Celestus Celestus 2 seconds 100%
Heavenly Gale Heavenly Gale 2 seconds 100%
Cosmic Immaterializer Cosmic Immaterializer 2 seconds 100%
Drataliornus Drataliornus 2 seconds (Exo beams) 100%
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove 10 seconds 100% (Alt-fire)
Elemental Excalibur Elemental Excalibur 4 seconds 100%
Desecrated Water Desecrated Water 3 seconds (stealth strike) 100%
Supernova Supernova 2 seconds 100%
Magnomaly Cannon Magnomaly Cannon 2 seconds 100%
Plasma Caster Plasma Caster 3 seconds 100%
Prismatic Breaker Prismatic Breaker 2 seconds 100%
Caustic Staff Caustic Staff 1-3 seconds 100%
Flask of Cursed Flames Flask of Cursed Flames 3-6 seconds (Rogue attacks) 100%
The Eater of Worlds (Lore) The Eater of Worlds (Lore) 1.5 seconds (Deadly microbes) 100%
The Hive Mind (Lore) The Hive Mind (Lore) 1.5 seconds (Projectiles while in the Corruption) 100%

From Calamity NPCs[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
The Hive Mind The Hive Mind (Phase 2) 1.5 seconds (Shaderain) 100%
Hive Blob Hive Blob 1 second (Vile Clot) 100%
Dank Creeper Dank Creeper 1.5 seconds (Shaderain) 100%
Dark Heart Dark Heart 1.5 seconds (Shaderain) 100%
Eater of Worlds Head Eater of Worlds Head 3, 5, or 8 seconds (Cursed flames) 100%