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Debuffs are status effects that affect the player or target negatively. This is a comprehensive list of all debuffs added by the Calamity mod.

From enemies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Flames.png Abyssal Flames Supreme Calamitas, Supreme Catastrophe, Supreme Cataclysm, and Brimstone Elemental If inflicted on an enemy: target loses 125 HP per second and 10 defense.
If inflicted on a player: target loses 16 HP per second.
Your soul is being consumed
Brimstone Flames.png Brimstone Flames Calamitas, Catastrophe, Cataclysm, Brimstone Elemental, Calamity Eyes, Soul Slurpers,The Slime God and Heat Spirits If inflicted on an enemy: target loses 40 HP per second.
If inflicted on a player: target loses 16 HP per second.
Rapid health loss
Burning Blood.png Burning Blood The Perforators Target loses 8 HP per second, 3 defense, and their vision is darkened. Melee damage and move speed are slightly increased, but melee speed, ranged damage, and magic damage are slightly decreased. Your blood is on fire
Crush Depth.png Crush Depth Bloatfish, Bobbit Worms, Colossal Squids, Eidolon Wyrms, Giant Squids, Gulper Eels, and Reaper Sharks Target loses HP over time, with more HP lost at lower defenses. Aquatic pressure
Extreme Gravity.png Extreme Gravity The Devourer of Gods All infinite flight is disabled, and maximum flight time is reduced by 66%. Your wing time is reduced by 66%, infinite flight is disabled
Fish Alert.png Fish Alert Luminous Corvina Enemies in the Abyss can notice the player more easily and from further away. The abyssal creatures have spotted you!
Glacial State.png Glacial State Cryogen, Cryon, Ice Clasper and Ice Golem Target's defense is cut in half and they cannot move at all. Cannot move and defense is shattered
God Slayer Inferno.png God Slayer Inferno The Devourer of Gods and Astrum Aureus Target loses 30 HP per second. Your flesh is burning off
Holy Flames.png Holy Flames Providence, the Profaned Goddess, Sand Tortoises, Sunskaters, and Sun Bats Target loses 20 HP per second. Dissolving from holy light
Holy Flames.png Holy Inferno Providence, the Profaned Goddess Targets takes damage that exponentially increases in severity as time spent away from Providence increases. You've gone too far from the Profaned Goddess!
Horror.png Horror Eidolon Wyrms and many enemies in Revengeance Mode Defense is halved, movement speed is reduced, and vision is darkened. The horror...
Icarus' Folly.png Icarus' Folly Providence, the Profaned Goddess All infinite flight is disabled, and maximum flight time is reduced by 75%. Your wing time is reduced by 75%, infinite flight is disabled.
Marked for Death.png Marked for Death Eidolon Wyrms and many enemies in Revengeance Mode Target's damage reduction reduced by 50%. Damage reduction reduced
Plague.png Plague The Plaguebringer Goliath, Plaguebringers, Melters, Plagueshells, Virulings, Pestilent Slimes, and Plague Chargers Target loses 20 HP per second, 8 defense, and 15% move speed, and their vision is darkened. Rotting from the inside
Vulnerability Hex.png Vulnerability Hex Supreme Calamitas Disables life regeneration, target loses 16 HP per second, 30 defense, 30% damage reduction, and 10% move speed, and their vision is darkened. Flight time is reduced by 75% and all infinite flight is disabled. You are weak
Warped.png Warped The Devourer of Gods Target has increased vertical acceleration. Your view of reality is being warped
Weak Petrification.png Weak Petrification Ravager Target has decreased vertical speed. Your vertical movement is weakened

From items and the environment[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Broken.png Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Broken Abyssal Diving Suit The effect of the Abyssal Diving Suit Plates buff is reversed. The plates are regenerating
Backfire.png Backfire Getting hit while using Drataliornus' left click attack Wing time is halved, defense is reduced by 30, damage reduction is reduced by 30% and all damage is reduced by 90%. Damage, defense, and wing time drastically reduced
Burnt Out.png Burnt Out Profaned Soul Artifact The Guardians' stat boosts and healing effects are disabled. You've been burnt out and your guardians are less effective
Concoction Cooldown.png Concoction Cooldown Permafrost's Concoction The revive effect from Permafrost's Concoction cannot trigger for 3 minutes. Revive is recharging
God Slayer Cooldown.png God Slayer Cooldown God Slayer armor and Auric Tesla armor All damage is increased by 10% while the God Slayer armor effect recharges. 10% increase to all damage; godslayer effect is recharging
Ice Shield Cooldown.png Ice Shield Cooldown Siren's Heart Prevents the player from absorbing damage for 30 seconds. The shield is regenerating
Irradiated.png Irradiated Rain in the Sulphurous Sea The player loses 5 defense / 10 defense and 10% damage reduction / -20% damage reduction but gets a 5% damage increase, crit chance increase, minion knockback increase, and a 10% movement speed increase. Your skin is burning off
Noseless Popo.png Noseless Popo Magic Scarf and Hat The player (as a snowman) loses their nose Your nose has been stolen!
Scarf Cooldown.png Scarf Cooldown Counter Scarf Cannot perform another dodge with the Counter Scarf for 15 seconds. Your dodge is recharging

From the player[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Armor Crunch.png Armor Crunch Any type of Biome Blade, Earthen Pike, and Spear of Paleolith Target's defense is reduced by 66.67%. Your armor is shredded
Demon Flames.png Demon Flames Apotheosis, all weapons while Demonshade armor is equipped Target loses 2500 HP per second. Another flames debuff...
Exo Freeze.png Exo Freeze Exoblade, Photoviscerator, Subsuming Vortex, and Apotheosis Target cannot move at all. Cannot move
Nightwither.png Nightwither Solstice Claymore Target loses 200 HP per second. Incinerated by lunar rays
Shred.png Shred Soma Prime Target loses 1500 HP per second. Blood
Silva Stun.png Silva Stun Melee projectiles while wearing Silva armor with Silva Helm Target cannot move. Can't move
Temporal Sadness.png Temporal Sadness Teardrop Cleaver, Statis' Blessing, Statis' Curse, Statis' Belt of Curses, any type of Biome Blade Target's damage is reduced by 15 and movement speed is cut in half. You are crying
Whispering Death.png Whispering Death Omniblade Target's defense is reduced by 50. Death approaches

Vanilla Debuff Changes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Venom.png Venom Aquatic Scourge, Mirage Jelly, True Caustic Edge, Quagmire, Hellion Flower Spear Target loses 30 HP per second and life regen is disabled. Losing Life

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