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The Dungeon is a vanilla biome. The Calamity Mod adds 4 new enemies along with 2 new bosses.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
In Hardmode:
Cultist Assassin.png Cultist Assassin
Overloaded Soldier.png Overloaded Soldier
Eidolist.png Eidolist

After Moon Lord has been defeated:

Phantom Spirit.png Phantom Spirit


Ceaseless Void.png Ceaseless Void
Polterghast.png Polterghast
From Dark Casters:
Ancient Shiv.png Ancient Shiv

From Cultist Assassins:

Essence of Chaos.png Essence of Chaos

From Dungeon enemies
after Plantera has been defeated:

Ectoblood.png Ectoblood

From Necromancers and Giant Cursed Skulls:

Wrath of the Ancients.png Wrath of the Ancients

From Eidolists:

Ectoplasm.png Ectoplasm
Lumenyl.png Lumenyl
Lunar Cultist Hood.png Lunar Cultist Hood
Lunar Cultist Robe.png Lunar Cultist Robe
Eidolon Tablet.png Eidolon Tablet

From Phantom Spirits and Overloaded Soldiers
(after Moon Lord has been defeated):

Phantoplasm.gif Phantoplasm

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dungeon is currently the only place outside of the Abyss where it is possible to obtain Lumenyl. Because of this, if the player mines Tenebris before defeating Plantera, it is possible to obtain the Lumenous Amulet without going into the post-Plantera Abyss.
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