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Furniture sets are groups of Furniture items that share a common theme and are similar in appearance to one another. The Calamity Mod introduces 13 new sets of furniture.

Types[edit | edit source]

The following table displays the different furniture sets:

Type Source Basin Bathtub Bed Bookcase Candelabra Candle Chair Chandelier Chest Clock Door Dresser Lamp Lantern Piano Platform Sconce Sink Sofa Table Work Bench
Abyss Smooth Abyss Gravel Tango Cross1.png Abyss Bathtub Abyss Bed Abyss Bookcase Abyss Candelabra Abyss Candle Abyss Chair Abyss Chandelier Abyss Chest Abyss Clock Abyss Door Abyss Dresser Abyss Lamp Abyss Lantern Abyss Synth Smooth Abyss Gravel Platform Tango Cross1.png Abyss Sink Abyss Sofa Abyss Table Abyss Work Bench
Ancient Brimstone Slag Ancient Basin Ancient Bathtub Ancient Bed Ancient Bookcase Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Ancient Chair Ancient Chandelier Tango Cross1.png Ancient Monolith Ancient Door Ancient Dresser Ancient Lamp Ancient Lantern Ancient Pipe Organ Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Ancient Sink Ancient Sofa Ancient Table Ancient Work Bench
Ashen Smooth Brimstone Slag Ashen Basin Ashen Bathtub Ashen Bed Ashen Bookcase Ashen Candelabra Ashen Candle Ashen Chair Ashen Chandelier Ashen Chest Ashen Monolith Ashen Door Ashen Dresser Ashen Lamp Ashen Lantern Ashen Pipe Organ Ashen Platform Tango Cross1.png Ashen Sink Ashen Sofa Ashen Table Ashen Work Bench
Botanic Uelibloom Brick Tango Cross1.png Botanic Bathtub Botanic Bed Botanic Bookcase Botanic Candelabra Botanic Candle Botanic Chair Botanic Chandelier Botanic Chest Botanic Clock Botanic Door Botanic Dresser Botanic Lamp Botanic Lantern Botanic Piano Botanic Platform Tango Cross1.png Botanic Sink Botanic Bench Botanic Table Botanic Work Bench
Cosmilite Cosmilite Brick Cosmilite Basin Cosmilite Bathtub Cosmilite Bed Cosmilite Bookcase Cosmilite Candelabra Cosmilite Candle Cosmilite Chair Cosmilite Chandelier Cosmilite Chest Cosmilite Clock Cosmilite Door Cosmilite Dresser Cosmilite Lamp Cosmilite Lantern Cosmilite Piano Cosmilite Platform Cosmilite Sconce Cosmilite Sink Cosmilite Sofa Cosmilite Table Cosmilite Work Bench
Eutrophic Navystone Tango Cross1.png Eutrophic Bathtub Eutrophic Bed Eutrophic Bookcase Eutrophic Candelabra Eutrophic Candle Eutrophic Chair Eutrophic Chandelier Eutrophic Chest Eutrophic Clock Eutrophic Door Eutrophic Dresser Eutrophic Lamp Eutrophic Lantern Eutrophic Piano Eutrophic Platform Tango Cross1.png Eutrophic Sink Eutrophic Bench Eutrophic Table Eutrophic Work Bench
Otherworldly Otherworldly Stone Tango Cross1.png Otherworldly Bathtub Otherworldly Bed Otherworldly Bookcase Otherworldly Candelabra Otherworldly Candle Otherworldly Chair Otherworldly Chandelier Otherworldly Chest Otherworldly Clock Otherworldly Door Otherworldly Dresser Otherworldly Lamp Otherworldly Lantern Otherworldly Piano Otherworldly Platform Tango Cross1.png Otherworldly Sink Otherworldly Sofa Otherworldly Table Otherworldly Work Bench
Plagued Plate Plagued Plate Plagued Plate Basin Plagued Plate Bathtub Plagued Plate Bed Plagued Plate Bookcase Plagued Plate Candelabra Plagued Plate Candle Plagued Plate Chair Plagued Plate Chandelier Plagued Plate Chest Plagued Plate Clock Plagued Plate Door Plagued Plate Dresser Plagued Plate Lamp Plagued Plate Lantern Plagued Plate Piano Plagued Plate Platform Tango Cross1.png Plagued Plate Sink Plagued Plate Sofa Plagued Plate Table Plagued Plate Work Bench
Profaned Profaned Rock Profaned Crucible Profaned Bathtub Profaned Bed Profaned Bookcase Profaned Candelabra Profaned Candle Profaned Chair Profaned Chandelier Profaned Chest Profaned Clock Profaned Door Profaned Dresser Profaned Lamp Profaned Lantern Profaned Piano Profaned Platform Tango Cross1.png Profaned Sink Profaned Bench Profaned Table Profaned Work Bench
Silva Silva Crystal Effulgent Manipulator Silva Bathtub Silva Bed Silva Bookcase Silva Candelabra Silva Candle Silva Chair Silva Chandelier Silva Chest Silva Clock Silva Door Silva Dresser Silva Lamp Silva Lantern Silva Piano Silva Platform Tango Cross1.png Silva Sink Silva Bench Silva Table Silva Work Bench
Statigel Statigel Block Tango Cross1.png Statigel Bathtub Statigel Bed Statigel Bookcase Statigel Candelabra Statigel Candle Statigel Chair Statigel Chandelier Statigel Chest Statigel Clock Statigel Door Statigel Dresser Statigel Lamp Statigel Lantern Statigel Piano Statigel Platform Tango Cross1.png Statigel Sink Statigel Sofa Statigel Table Statigel Work Bench
Stratus Stratus Bricks Tango Cross1.png Stratus Bathtub Stratus Bed Stratus Bookcase Stratus Candelabra Stratus Candle Stratus Chair Stratus Chandelier Stratus Chest Stratus Clock Stratus Door Stratus Dresser Stratus Lamp Stratus Lantern Stratus Piano Stratus Platform Tango Cross1.png Stratus Sink Stratus Sofa Stratus Table Stratus Work Bench
Void Smooth Voidstone Tango Cross1.png Void Bathtub Void Bed Void Bookcase Void Candelabra Void Candle Void Chair Void Chandelier Void Chest Void Clock Void Door Void Dresser Void Lamp Void Lantern Void Piano Smooth Voidstone Platform Tango Cross1.png Void Sink Void Sofa Void Table Void Work Bench