Fusion Feeder

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Fusion Feeder
Fusion Feeder.png
EnvironmentAstral Infection
AI TypeSand Shark AI
Damage45 / 90 / 103 (pre-Astrum Aureus)
65 / 130 / 149 (post-Astrum Aureus)
Max Life400 / 800 (pre-Astrum Aureus)
600 / 1,200 (post-Astrum Aureus)
Defense (DR)12 (pre-Astrum Aureus)
22 (post-Astrum Aureus) (15% DR)
KB Resist20% (pre-Astrum Aureus)
30% (post-Astrum Aureus)
Inflicts debuffAstral Infection (debuff)Astral Infection (debuff)
100% chance
Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour flesh is melting off
BannerFusion Feeder BannerFusion Feeder Banner
Coins 9 Silver Coin.png
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • StardustStardust (2-4 / 3-5)

The Fusion Feeder is a Hardmode enemy which spawns in the Desert Astral Infection biome. It is the Astral variant of Sand Shark, swimming through blocks and lunging at the player to attack.