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The Calamity Mod adds 10 new Game Control keys that must be manually bound by the player.

Action Wiki Icon Default key Notes
Adrenaline Mode Adrenaline Mode B Triggers the Adrenaline Mode buff when the Adrenaline Meter is full.
Armor Set Bonus Armor Set Bonus Y Triggers bonuses from the armor set worn.
Astral Arcanum UI Toggle Astral Arcanum UI Toggle O Opens a small menu which lets the player teleport to one of four different locations: Jungle, Underworld, Dungeon or a random location. Can only be used when the Astral Arcanum accessory is equipped.
Astral Teleport Astral Teleport P Teleports the player to a random location. Can only be used when the Celestial Jewel accessory is equipped.
Boss Health Bar Small Text Toggle Boss Health Bar Small Text Toggle Numpad 1 Toggles the small text on the Boss Health Bar.
Boss Health Bar Toggle Boss Health Bar Toggle Numpad 0 Toggles the Boss Health Bar.
Elysian Guard Elysian Guard N Activates the buffs applied by either the Elysian Aegis or Asgardian Aegis when equipped.
Momentum Capacitor Effect Momentum Capacitor Effect U Creates an energy field around the player's cursor at the cost of the player's stealth while the Momentum Capacitor is equipped.
Normality Relocator Normality Relocator Z Teleports the player to the position of the mouse cursor when the Normality Relocator is in the player's inventory.
Rage Mode Rage Mode V Triggers the Rage Mode buff when the Rage Meter is full.