Glacial State

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Glacial State
Glacial State.png
Type Debuff
Effects Target's defense is reduced by 10 and they cannot move at all.
Tooltip Cannot move and defense is shattered

The Glacial State is a debuff that renders the target unable to move while reducing their defense by 10. It is inflicted by several weapons and enemies typically related to ice as well as weapons that inflict the Elemental Mix.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From player[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Temporal Floe Sword Temporal Floe Sword 2 seconds 33.33%
Glacial Crusher Glacial Crusher 0-5 seconds (Projectile) 100%
Effluvium Bow Effluvium Bow 2 seconds 100%
Icebreaker Icebreaker 3 seconds (Explosion) 100%
Cosmic Discharge Cosmic Discharge 2 seconds (Flail)
Infinite while near player and player has Cosmic Freeze buff
33.33% chance
Eidolon Staff Eidolon Staff 6 seconds (Ice ball) 100%
Frost Barrier Frost Barrier 3-4 seconds 100%
Auric Tesla armor Auric Tesla armor 3-4 seconds (Breastplate) 100%
Frostspark Bullet Frostspark Bullet 4 seconds 100%
Arctic Arrow Arctic Arrow 2 seconds 100%
Avalanche Avalanche 1 second (Ice bombs) 100%
Aquatic Heart Aquatic Heart 3-4 seconds 100%
Absolute Zero Absolute Zero 5 seconds (Blade)
1.5 seconds (Projectiles)
Arctic Bear Paw Arctic Bear Paw 1 second 100%
Icicle Trident Icicle Trident 3 seconds 100%
Frosty Flare Frosty Flare 2 seconds 100%
Icy Bullet Icy Bullet 2 seconds 100%
Pearl God Pearl God 4 seconds (Frostspark bullet) 100%
Cryophobia Cryophobia 6 seconds 100%
Sea's Searing Sea's Searing 6 seconds (sea blast) 100%
Frostcrush Valari Frostcrush Valari 1 second 20%
Flurrystorm Cannon Flurrystorm Cannon 0.5 seconds (Ice chunk and shards) 100%
Endogenesis Endogenesis 2 seconds 100%
Ark of the Cosmos Ark of the Cosmos 20 seconds 100% in the Snow and Ice biomes
Biome Blade Biome Blade 3 seconds 100% in the Snow and Ice biomes
Devil's Devastation Devil's Devastation 2 seconds (Beam) 100%
Earth Earth 10 seconds (Blue meteor) 100%
Elemental Eruption Elemental Eruption 2 seconds 100%
Galaxia Galaxia 20 seconds 100% in the Snow and Ice biomes
Omega Biome Blade Omega Biome Blade 10 seconds 100% in the Snow and Ice biomes
Terratomere Terratomere 5 seconds (Blade)
1 second (Projectiles)
True Biome Blade True Biome Blade 6 seconds 100% in the Snow and Ice biomes
Elemental Mix Elemental Mix weapons Varies Varies
Elemental Gauntlet Elemental Gauntlet 2 seconds (Melee attacks) 20%
Cryogen (Lore) Cryogen (Lore) 5 seconds 100%
Recitation of the Beast Recitation of the Beast 2 seconds (Scythes) 16.67%

From NPCs[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Cryogen Cryogen 1 seconds (Ice bomb) 100%
Ice Golem Ice Golem 2 seconds (Beam) 100%
The Destroyer The Destroyer 2 seconds (Frost Beam) 100%

Immune NPCs[edit | edit source]

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