Greatsword of Blah

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Greatsword of Blah
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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage300 Melee
Knockback7 (Strong)
Critical chance4%
Use time17 Very Fast
TooltipA pale white sword from a forgotten land
Fires a rainbow orb that emits rainbow rain on death for a time
You can hear faint yet comforting whispers emanating from the blade
'No matter where you may be you are never alone.
I shall always be at your side, my lord'
RarityRarity Level: 15
Sell 36 Gold Coin.png

The Greatsword of Blah is a craftable post-Moon Lord broadsword that fires out color changing homing projectiles that go a short distance. Once it stops, the projectile stays in place, and rains down more color changing homing projectiles that are smaller than the original. Unlike the original fired projectile, the falling projectiles can pass through the ground. This will continue until around 25 seconds pass, or until you fire again, which changes the location of the raining projectiles.

Its best modifier is Legendary.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Draedon's ForgeDraedon's Forge
Greatsword of JudgementGreatsword of Judgement1
Ascendant Spirit EssenceAscendant Spirit Essence2
Darksun FragmentDarksun Fragment10
Greatsword of BlahGreatsword of Blah1

Used in[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon and the projectiles do not ignore immunity frames. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of all other weapons when fighting bosses who do not possess multiple segments such as Supreme Calamitas since they cannot deal damage during their immunity.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sword takes its name from Blahblahbal, the creator of the Avalon Mod, which was a popular mod in the early days of Terraria modding.
  • It shares a very similar tooltip to the Greatsword of Judgement, which is one of the sword's materials.