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The Dragonfolly
The Dragonfolly.png
AI TypeThe Dragonfolly AI
Damage160 / 256 / 288 / 304 (Contact)
240 / 384 / 432 / 456 (Charge)
120 / 200 / 220 / 232 (Lightning Feather)
200 / 300 / 332 / 356 (Lightning Aura)
Max Life227,500 / 364,000 / 404,000
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffElectrifiedElectrified
100% chance
Debuff duration1 second (Lightning Feather)
2 seconds (Red Lightning)
Debuff tooltipYou cannot move
Immune toAll debuffs except:
Ichor (debuff)Cursed InfernoExo FreezeAbyssal FlamesArmor CrunchDemon FlamesGod Slayer InfernoNightwitherShredWhispering DeathSilva StunShellfish ClapsEnragedCelledDryad's BaneOiledDaybrokenBetsy's CurseAstral Infection (debuff)War CleaveKami Flu
Coins30 Gold Coin
Dragonfolly map.png
Map Icon

The Dragonfolly is usually the first or second Post-Moon Lord boss that you will face in your playthrough. Dragonfolly is summoned by using Exotic Pheromones in the Jungle at any time.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation[edit | edit source]

Not much arena is needed as long as it is in the Jungle although platforms can help. The ground should be flattened to avoid getting caught in any crevices.

Gearing Up[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

The Lunar armors are the preferred choice for all classes.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The weapons made from Luminite Bars are typically the best options for the fight.

Melee[edit | edit source]

  • The Ark of the Elements's range, homing, and DPS should make the fight fairly straight-forward for Melee users.
  • The Plague Keeper in conjunction with the Plague Hive is another option with higher DPS.
  • The Elemental Disk is an excellent option that deals good damage to Dragonfolly as well as handling the Draconic Swarmers.
  • The Stellar Contempt is a powerful option much like the Elemental Disk at the cost of smaller range.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Mage[edit | edit source]

  • The Elemental Ray is usually the best overall choice dealing good damage to Dragonfolly while handling the Draconic Swarmers.
  • Genisis and the Last Prism are additional options that deal good damage while still hitting the Draconic Swarmers.
  • The Ultra Liquidator is an excellent weapon for dealing damage and applying Ichor.

Summoner[edit | edit source]

  • The Elemental Axes are the primary weapon that does well at handling the Draconic Swarmers as well as dealing with the Dragonfolly.
  • The Tactical Plague Engine is also good but it requires a lot of ammo to use due to its high fire rate.
  • The Energy Staff provides additional DPS to aid the player's minions.

Rogue[edit | edit source]

  • The Elemental Disk is Rogue's primary option that deals good damage to Dragonfolly as well as handling the Draconic Swarmers.
  • The Stellar Contempt fills a similar role to its Melee counterpart having higher dps than the Elemental Disk at the cost of range.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • The Well Fed buff provides a useful all around stat boost.
  • Farm Blood Orbs to easily craft many helpful potions that will increase your survivability.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The Dragonfolly will spawn offscreen, meaning you should be prepared to dodge Dragonfolly as it approaches you. Dragonfolly has 3 main attacks: flying toward the player, charging at the player, and summoning Draconic Swarmers.

When Dragonfolly spends a majority of the time flying around often in your direction, it will fly in the your direction albeit, not extremely aggressively. However, Dragonfolly will out run the player if Seraph Tracers are equipped while running, and it will continue to fly at you even as you run out of flight time. Dragonfolly cannot travel through platforms while doing this attack.

Occasionally, Dragonfolly will attempt to line up horizontally with you and perform a charge. Dragonfolly can go through platforms in order to line up properly. When turning around, Dragonfolly often releases a swarm of electric feathers. These slowly fly away and pick up speed over time. Within a few seconds, they will turn around and begin to home in. Be careful as they home in very strongly and are not easily shaken. The Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator can help in avoiding these.

When summoning Draconic Swarmers, Dragonfolly will begin to fly down, ignoring platforms, until it reaches solid ground. From there, it begins to fly left and right, spawning smaller versions of itself. The spawned Draconic Swarmers fly very fast, deal lots of damage, are immune to knockback, and have quite a bit of health. It is important to have a weapon that deals with them while still being able to take out Dragonfolly itself.

Dragonfolly will enrage if the player goes outside the Jungle or strays too far away from it, so it is best to stay close to it.

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Normality Relocator is a very strong tool as it allows instantaneous teleporting.
    • Be wary when teleporting as the player will fall at a much greater pace if unprepared in a similar manner to the Portal Gun.
  • In Revengeance or Death Mode, Rage and Adrenaline can be used effectively to deal with the large amount of Draconic Swarmers that spawn.
  • The Ultra Liquidator can also be used to apply Ichor for other classes such as Ranger.
    • The Ultra Liquidator activates the Summoner nerf. As such, Golden Gun should be used to apply Ichor instead.