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  • Calamity Eye Banner (placed).png Plaguebringer Banner (placed).png Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile) Banner (placed).png Amethyst Crawler Banner (placed).png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 3 high
Use time14 Very Fast
Grants BuffBannerBanner
Buff tooltipIncreased damage and defense from the following: [enemy name(s)]
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell 2 Silver Coin.png

The Calamity Mod features banners for many of the enemies introduced in the mod's various biomes.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Aero Slime Banner placed Aero Slime BannerAero Slime Banner Amber Crawler Banner placed Amber Crawler BannerAmber Crawler Banner Amethyst Crawler Banner placed Amethyst Crawler BannerAmethyst Crawler Banner Angry Dog Banner placed Angry Dog BannerAngry Dog Banner Aquatic Parasite Banner placed Aquatic Parasite BannerAquatic Parasite Banner
Aquatic Seeker Banner placed Aquatic Seeker BannerAquatic Seeker Banner Aquatic Urchin Banner placed Aquatic Urchin BannerAquatic Urchin Banner Baby Ghost Bell Banner placed Baby Ghost Bell BannerBaby Ghost Bell Banner Box Jellyfish Banner placed Box Jellyfish BannerBox Jellyfish Banner Catfish Banner placed Catfish BannerCatfish Banner
Clam Banner placed Clam BannerClam Banner Cnidrion Banner placed Cnidrion BannerCnidrion Banner Cosmic Elemental Banner placed Cosmic Elemental BannerCosmic Elemental Banner Crimulan Blight Slime Banner placed Crimulan Blight Slime BannerCrimulan Blight Slime Banner Cuttlefish Banner placed Cuttlefish BannerCuttlefish Banner
Despair Stone Banner placed Despair Stone BannerDespair Stone Banner Devil Fish Banner placed Devil Fish BannerDevil Fish Banner Diamond Crawler Banner placed Diamond Crawler BannerDiamond Crawler Banner Ebonian Blight Slime Banner placed Ebonian Blight Slime BannerEbonian Blight Slime Banner Emerald Crawler Banner placed Emerald Crawler BannerEmerald Crawler Banner
Eutrophic Ray Banner placed Eutrophic Ray BannerEutrophic Ray Banner Flounder Banner placed Flounder BannerFlounder Banner Frogfish Banner placed Frogfish BannerFrogfish Banner Giant Clam Banner placed Giant Clam BannerGiant Clam Banner Ghost Bell Banner placed Ghost Bell BannerGhost Bell Banner
Gnasher Banner placed Gnasher BannerGnasher Banner Irradiated Slime Banner placed Irradiated Slime BannerIrradiated Slime Banner Mantis Shrimp Banner placed Mantis Shrimp BannerMantis Shrimp Banner Moray Eel Banner placed Moray Eel BannerMoray Eel Banner Pitbull Banner placed Pitbull BannerPitbull Banner
Prism Turtle Banner placed Prism Turtle BannerPrism Turtle Banner Ruby Crawler Banner placed Ruby Crawler BannerRuby Crawler Banner Sapphire Crawler Banner placed Sapphire Crawler BannerSapphire Crawler Banner Scryllar Banner placed Scryllar BannerScryllar Banner Sea Floaty Banner placed Sea Floaty BannerSea Floaty Banner
Sea Minnow Banner placed Sea Minnow BannerSea Minnow Banner Sea Urchin Banner placed Sea Urchin BannerSea Urchin Banner Soul Slurper Banner placed Soul Slurper BannerSoul Slurper Banner Stormlion Banner placed Stormlion BannerStormlion Banner Sunskater Banner placed Sunskater BannerSunskater Banner
Topaz Crawler Banner placed Topaz Crawler BannerTopaz Crawler Banner Toxic Minnow Banner placed Toxic Minnow BannerToxic Minnow Banner Trasher Banner placed Trasher BannerTrasher Banner Viperfish Banner placed Viperfish BannerViperfish Banner Wulfrum Drone Banner placed Wulfrum Drone BannerWulfrum Drone Banner
Wulfrum Slime Banner placed Wulfrum Slime BannerWulfrum Slime Banner

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Aquatic Aberration Banner placed Aquatic Aberration BannerAquatic Aberration Banner Aries Banner placed Aries BannerAries Banner Armored Digger Banner placed Armored Digger BannerArmored Digger Banner Astralachnea Banner placed Astralachnea BannerAstralachnea Banner Astral Probe Banner placed Astral Probe BannerAstral Probe Banner
Astral Slime Banner placed Astral Slime BannerAstral Slime Banner Atlas Banner placed Atlas BannerAtlas Banner Big Sightseer Banner placed Big Sightseer BannerBig Sightseer Banner Blighted Eye Banner placed Blighted Eye BannerBlighted Eye Banner Blinded Angler Banner placed Blinded Angler BannerBlinded Angler Banner
BOHLDOHR Banner placed BOHLDOHR BannerBOHLDOHR Banner Calamity Eye Banner placed Calamity Eye BannerCalamity Eye Banner Charred Slime Banner placed Charred Slime BannerCharred Slime Banner Cloud Elemental Banner placed Cloud Elemental BannerCloud Elemental Banner Cryon Banner placed Cryon BannerCryon Banner
Cryo Slime Banner placed Cryo Slime BannerCryo Slime Banner Crystal Crawler Banner placed Crystal Crawler BannerCrystal Crawler Banner Cultist Assassin Banner placed Cultist Assassin BannerCultist Assassin Banner Earth Elemental Banner placed Earth Elemental BannerEarth Elemental Banner Eidolist Banner placed Eidolist BannerEidolist Banner
Fusion Feeder Banner placed Fusion Feeder BannerFusion Feeder Banner Giant Squid Banner placed Giant Squid BannerGiant Squid Banner Great Sand Shark Banner placed Great Sand Shark BannerGreat Sand Shark Banner Gulper Eel Banner placed Gulper Eel BannerGulper Eel Banner Hadarian Banner placed Hadarian BannerHadarian Banner
Heat Spirit Banner placed Heat Spirit BannerHeat Spirit Banner Hive (enemy) Banner placed Hive (enemy) BannerHive (enemy) Banner Ice Clasper Banner placed Ice Clasper BannerIce Clasper Banner Laserfish Banner placed Laserfish BannerLaserfish Banner Luminous Corvina Banner placed Luminous Corvina BannerLuminous Corvina Banner
Mantis Banner placed Mantis BannerMantis Banner Melter Banner placed Melter BannerMelter Banner Mirage Jelly Banner placed Mirage Jelly BannerMirage Jelly Banner Nova Banner placed Nova BannerNova Banner Oarfish Banner placed Oarfish BannerOarfish Banner
Overloaded Soldier Banner placed Overloaded Soldier BannerOverloaded Soldier Banner Parasea Banner placed Parasea BannerParasea Banner Perennial Slime Banner placed Perennial Slime BannerPerennial Slime Banner Pestilent Slime Banner placed Pestilent Slime BannerPestilent Slime Banner Phantom Debris Banner placed Phantom Debris BannerPhantom Debris Banner
Plaguebringer Banner placed Plaguebringer BannerPlaguebringer Banner Plague Charger Banner placed Plague Charger BannerPlague Charger Banner Plagueshell Banner placed Plagueshell BannerPlagueshell Banner Sand Tortoise Banner placed Sand Tortoise BannerSand Tortoise Banner Sea Serpent Banner placed Sea Serpent BannerSea Serpent Banner
Shockstorm Shuttle Banner placed Shockstorm Shuttle BannerShockstorm Shuttle Banner Small Sightseer Banner placed Small Sightseer BannerSmall Sightseer Banner Stellar Culex Banner placed Stellar Culex BannerStellar Culex Banner Sun Bat Banner placed Sun Bat BannerSun Bat Banner Viruling Banner placed Viruling BannerViruling Banner

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Bloatfish Banner placed Bloatfish BannerBloatfish Banner Bloom Slime Banner placed Bloom Slime BannerBloom Slime Banner Bobbit Worm Banner placed Bobbit Worm BannerBobbit Worm Banner Chaotic Puffer Banner placed Chaotic Puffer BannerChaotic Puffer Banner Colossal Squid Banner placed Colossal Squid BannerColossal Squid Banner
Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile) Banner placed Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile) BannerEidolon Wyrm (Juvenile) Banner Impious Immolator Banner placed Impious Immolator BannerImpious Immolator Banner Mauler Banner placed Mauler BannerMauler Banner Phantom Spirit Banner placed Phantom Spirit BannerPhantom Spirit Banner Profaned Energy Banner placed Profaned Energy BannerProfaned Energy Banner
Reaper Shark Banner placed Reaper Shark BannerReaper Shark Banner Scorn Eater Banner placed Scorn Eater BannerScorn Eater Banner

Notes[edit | edit source]