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Heat Spirit

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Heat Spirit
Heat Spirit.png
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentThe Underworld
AI TypeAncient Vision AI
Damage33 / 66
Max Life50 / 100
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffBrimstone FlamesBrimstone Flames
100% chance
Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipRapid health loss
Inflicts debuffOn Fire!On Fire!
100% chance
Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
BannerHeat Spirit BannerHeat Spirit Banner
Coins 5 Silver Coin.png

The Heat Spirit is a Hardmode enemy that spawns in The Underworld. They charge around at high speeds and attempt to ram the player for high damage, and once they leave a small area around the player, they turn to charge back again.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Heat Spirit's appearance resembles the Lost Soul Demon from the game DOOM (2016).