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This is a list of all NPCs in the Calamity Mod as organized by the sound they emit when hit, as well as whether or not that hit sound is considered "organic" or "inorganic" for use in the Magnum series and the Bazooka.

Hit Sound NPC Organic or Inorganic
NPCHit1 ?????? Organic
Aero SlimeAero Slime
Aquatic AberrationAquatic Aberration
Aquatic ParasiteAquatic Parasite
Aquatic ScourgeAquatic Scourge
Aquatic SeekerAquatic Seeker
Aquatic UrchinAquatic Urchin
Astral SlimeAstral Slime
Aureus SpawnAureus Spawn
Blighted EyeBlighted Eye
Blinded AnglerBlinded Angler
Bloom SlimeBloom Slime
Bobbit WormBobbit Worm
Calamity EyeCalamity Eye
Charred SlimeCharred Slime
Corrupt Slime SpawnCorrupt Slime Spawn
Corrupt Slime Spawn (Without Wings)Corrupt Slime Spawn (Without Wings)
Crab ShroomCrab Shroom
Crimson Slime SpawnCrimson Slime Spawn
Crimulan Blight SlimeCrimulan Blight Slime
Crimulan Slime GodCrimulan Slime God
Cryo SlimeCryo Slime
Cultist AssassinCultist Assassin
Dank CreeperDank Creeper
Desert ScourgeDesert Scourge
Devil Fish (Unmasked)Devil Fish (Unmasked)
Dried SeekerDried Seeker
Ebonian Blight SlimeEbonian Blight Slime
Ebonian Slime GodEbonian Slime God
Eidolon Wyrm (Adult)Eidolon Wyrm (Adult)
Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile)Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile)
Eutrophic RayEutrophic Ray
Fearless Goldfish WarriorFearless Goldfish Warrior
Giant SquidGiant Squid
Great Sand SharkGreat Sand Shark
Hive BlobHive Blob
Hive CystHive Cyst
The Hive MindThe Hive Mind
Irradiated SlimeIrradiated Slime
Luminous CorvinaLuminous Corvina
Mantis ShrimpMantis Shrimp
Moray EelMoray Eel
Perennial SlimePerennial Slime
The Perforator (Small)The Perforator (Small)
The Perforator (Medium)The Perforator (Medium)
The Perforator (Large)The Perforator (Large)
Pestilent SlimePestilent Slime
Sea FloatySea Floaty
Sea MinnowSea Minnow
Sea SerpentSea Serpent
Sea UrchinSea Urchin
The SirenThe Siren
Slime God CoreSlime God Core
Spiked Crimson Slime SpawnSpiked Crimson Slime Spawn
Sun BatSun Bat
Toxic MinnowToxic Minnow
Wulfrum SlimeWulfrum Slime
NPCHit2 Overloaded SoldierOverloaded Soldier Inorganic
Phantom DebrisPhantom Debris
NPCHit3 None Both
NPCHit4 Armored DiggerArmored Digger Inorganic
Astrum DeusAstrum Deus
Ceaseless VoidCeaseless Void
Cosmic GuardianCosmic Guardian
Devil Fish (Masked)Devil Fish (Masked)
The Devourer of GodsThe Devourer of Gods
The Devourer of Gods (Final Phase)The Devourer of Gods (Final Phase)
Earth ElementalEarth Elemental
Giant ClamGiant Clam
Life SeekerLife Seeker
The Plaguebringer GoliathThe Plaguebringer Goliath
Plague ChargerPlague Charger
Plague Homing MissilePlague Homing Missile
Plague MinePlague Mine
Sepulcher BodySepulcher Body
Sepulcher HeadSepulcher Head
Sepulcher TailSepulcher Tail
Shockstorm ShuttleShockstorm Shuttle
Soul SeekerSoul Seeker
Soul Seeker (Supreme)Soul Seeker (Supreme)
Soul SlurperSoul Slurper
Stasis ProbeStasis Probe
Storm WeaverStorm Weaver
Supreme CalamitasSupreme Calamitas
Supreme CataclysmSupreme Cataclysm
Supreme CatastropheSupreme Catastrophe
Wulfrum DroneWulfrum Drone
NPCHit5 Aurora SpiritAurora Spirit Inorganic
Cryogen's ShieldCryogen's Shield
Ice ClasperIce Clasper
Ice ShieldIce Shield
Impious ImmolatorImpious Immolator
NPCHit6 None Organic
Cosmic ElementalCosmic Elemental
NPCHit8 None Organic
NPCHit9 Gulper EelGulper Eel Organic
NPCHit10 None Both
NPCHit11 None Inorganic
NPCHit12 CnidrionCnidrion Organic
NPCHit13 Brimstone HeartBrimstone Heart Organic
Dark HeartDark Heart
Perforator CystPerforator Cyst
The Perforator HiveThe Perforator Hive
Sepulcher Body (Weak)Sepulcher Body (Weak)
Stasis Probe (Naked)Stasis Probe (Naked)
Storm Weaver (Naked)Storm Weaver (Naked)
NPCHit14 None Organic
NPCHit15 Super DummySuper Dummy Both
NPCHit16 None Both
NPCHit17 None Both
NPCHit18 None Organic
NPCHit19 None Organic
NPCHit20 Colossal SquidColossal Squid Organic
NPCHit21 None Organic
NPCHit22 VirulingViruling Organic
NPCHit23 BrimlingBrimling Organic
Brimstone ElementalBrimstone Elemental
Chaotic PufferChaotic Puffer
Cloud ElementalCloud Elemental
Scorn EaterScorn Eater
NPCHit24 PlagueshellPlagueshell Organic
Sand TortoiseSand Tortoise
NPCHit25 Baby Ghost BellBaby Ghost Bell Organic
Box JellyfishBox Jellyfish
Ghost BellGhost Bell
Mirage JellyMirage Jelly
NPCHit26 None Organic
NPCHit27 None Organic
NPCHit28 None Organic
NPCHit29 None Organic
NPCHit30 None Inorganic
NPCHit31 StormlionStormlion Organic
NPCHit32 None Organic
NPCHit33 Amber CrawlerAmber Crawler Organic
Amethyst CrawlerAmethyst Crawler
Crystal CrawlerCrystal Crawler
Diamond CrawlerDiamond Crawler
Emerald CrawlerEmerald Crawler
Ruby CrawlerRuby Crawler
Sapphire CrawlerSapphire Crawler
Topaz CrawlerTopaz Crawler
NPCHit34 None Inorganic
NPCHit35 None Organic
NPCHit36 Phantom SpiritPhantom Spirit Inorganic
Polterghast (Clone)Polterghast (Clone)
NPCHit37 None Organic
NPCHit38 None Organic
NPCHit39 None Both
NPCHit40 None Organic
NPCHit41 Despair StoneDespair Stone Inorganic
NPCHit42 None Inorganic
NPCHit43 None Organic
NPCHit44 Providence, the Profaned GoddessProvidence, the Profaned Goddess Organic
NPCHit45 CrabulonCrabulon Organic
NPCHit46 None Organic
NPCHit47 None Organic
NPCHit48 None Organic
NPCHit49 ScryllarScryllar Inorganic
Signus, Envoy of the DevourerSignus, Envoy of the Devourer
NPCHit50 GnasherGnasher Organic
NPCHit51 BumblebirbBumblebirb Organic
NPCHit52 Heat SpiritHeat Spirit Inorganic
Profaned EnergyProfaned Energy
Profaned Guardian (Crystal)Profaned Guardian (Crystal)
Profaned Guardian (Defense)Profaned Guardian (Defense)
Profaned Guardian (Healer)Profaned Guardian (Healer)
Profaned Guardian (Main)Profaned Guardian (Main)
Profaned Guardian (Offense)Profaned Guardian (Offense)
Profaned Guardian (Rock)Profaned Guardian (Rock)
NPCHit53 Cosmic LanternCosmic Lantern Inorganic
Cosmic MineCosmic Mine
Dark EnergyDark Energy
Detonating FlameDetonating Flame
NPCHit54 None Inorganic
NPCHit55 None Organic
NPCHit56 Jungle Dragon, YharonJungle Dragon, Yharon Organic
Reaper SharkReaper Shark
NPCHit57 None Organic
DD2_CrystalCartImpact None Both
DD2_GoblinHurt None Both
DD2_JavelinThrowersHurt None Both
DD2_GoblinBomberHurt None Both
DD2_WyvernHurt None Both
DD2_OgreHurt None Both
DD2_WitherBeastHurt None Both
DD2_SkeletonHurt None Both
DD2_KoboldHurt None Both
DD2_DrakinHurt None Both
DD2_DarkMageHurt None Both
DD2_KoboldFlyerHurt None Both
DD2_BetsyHurt None Both
DD2_LightningBugHurt None Both
AngryDogHit Angry DogAngry Dog Both
AstralEnemyHit AriesAries Inorganic
Astral ProbeAstral Probe
Astrum Deus ProbeAstrum Deus Probe
Big SightseerBig Sightseer
Fusion FeederFusion Feeder
Small SightseerSmall Sightseer
Stellar CulexStellar Culex
AstrumAureusHit Astrum AureusAstrum Aureus Inorganic
AtlasHurt AtlasAtlas Inorganic