Iron Heart

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Iron Heart
Iron Heart inventory icon
Type Potion
Tooltip Makes dying while a boss is alive permanently kill you.
This mode cannot be toggled on and off.
Using this while a boss is alive will permanently kill you.
Cannot be activated if your character has been in-game for more than a minute.
Cannot be activated if any boss has been killed.
Rarity Rarity Level: Rainbow

Hearts after using the Iron Heart

The Iron Heart is a consumable item placed in a newly spawned player's inventory. Upon being used in Expert Mode, it permanently enables several effects on every character in the current world:

  • Dying (by all means) while any boss is alive will cause the character to be killed forever in a manner identical to Hardcore mode, turning them into a ghost and deleting their file once they exit the world after dying.
    • Unlike Hardcore mode, however, the character will not be permanently killed if they die while a boss is not alive, such as by enemies or environmental hazards while exploring.
  • A secondary effect of Iron Heart is that the player's life hearts will become light gray in appearance, with black 'eyes' on either side of each. They remain with this appearance even after using Life Fruits or other permanent power-ups.

The Iron Heart cannot be used if the player has been in the world for more than one minute, or after any boss has been killed in the world. Attempting to use this item while a boss is alive will result in instant permanent death.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Iron Heart's effects are tied to the world it was used in, rather than the player that used it. This means that all players that join a world in which the Iron Heart has been used will have the Iron Heart's effects, even if they don't use the item.
  • Attempting to use this item on a world that the Iron Heart's effects would have already been activated (through cheating), will consume the item and despawn any bosses.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The appearance of the life hearts after using the Iron Heart are a reference to the game Hollow Knight, in which the player's mask-based life meter bears a striking resemblance.
    • This item as a whole is a partial reference to Hollow Knight's own perma-death mode, known as "Steel Soul".
  • The life hearts' appearance also bear a reference to the life hearts during Minecraft's perma-death mode known as "Hardcore", as the mode causes the player's hearts to develop eye-like streaks.

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