Irradiated Slime

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Irradiated Slime
Irradiated Slime.png
EnvironmentSulphurous Sea
AI TypeSlime AI
Damage50 / 100 / 115
Max Life300 / 600
Defense 100
KB Resist100%
BannerIrradiated Slime BannerIrradiated Slime Banner
Coins5 Silver Coin

The Irradiated Slime is a slime that spawns during Rain in the Sulphurous Sea biome. It has a chance to drop the Lead Core upon death, which provides immunity to the Acid Rain debuff and is used in the crafting of Silva armor.

The Irradiated Slime is unique due to its high defense and knockback resistance, making it a formidable enemy against players who are weak and unprepared.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Its low spawn rate makes items like Zerg Potion extremely useful while farming.
  • Irradiated Slimes will not spawn underwater. A platform above the Sulphurous Sea is recommended for farming them.