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The Jungle is a vanilla biome. The Calamity Mod adds 6 new enemies, including a miniboss, along with 3 new bosses.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
After Golem has been defeated:
Plague Charger.png Plague Charger
Plagueshell.png Plagueshell
Melter.png Melter
Viruling.png Viruling
Pestilent Slime.png Pestilent Slime
Plaguebringer.png Plaguebringer


The Plaguebringer Goliath.png The Plaguebringer Goliath

Bumblebirb.png Bumblebirb

Jungle Dragon, Yharon.png Jungle Dragon, Yharon

From Spiked Jungle Slimes and Arapaimas:
Murky Paste.png Murky Paste

From Man Eaters:

Maneater Bulb.png Maneater Bulb

From Angry Trappers:

Trapper Bulb.png Trapper Bulb

From Moss Hornets:

Needler.png Needler

From Derplings:

Beetle Juice.png Beetle Juice

From Moths:

Gypsy Powder.png Gypsy Powder

From Plantera:

Living Shard.png Living Shard

From Plague Chargers, Virulings, and Plaguebringers:

Plague Cell Canister.png Plague Cell Canister
From terrain:
Uelibloom Ore.png Uelibloom Ore
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