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Armored Shell.png Armored Shell

Ancient Bone Dust.png Ancient Bone Dust

Ashes of Calamity.png Ashes of Calamity

Aureus Cell.png Aureus Cell

Beetle Juice.png Beetle Juice

Blighted Gel.png Blighted Gel

Blighted Lens.png Blighted Lens

Bloodletting Essence.png Bloodletting Essence

Blood Sample.png Blood Sample

Blood Orb.png Blood Orb

Bloodstone.png Bloodstone

Bloodstone Core.png Bloodstone Core

Calamitous Essence.png Calamitous Essence

Cloaking Gland.png Cloaking Gland

Core of Calamity.gif Core of Calamity

Core of Chaos.png Core of Chaos

Core of Cinder.png Core of Cinder

Core of Eleum.png Core of Eleum

Dark Plasma.png Dark Plasma

Darksun Fragment.png Darksun Fragment

Demonic Bone Ash.png Demonic Bone Ash

Depth Cells.png Depth Cells

Desert Feather.png Desert Feather

Divine Geode.png Divine Geode

Ectoblood.png Ectoblood

Effulgent Feather.gif Effulgent Feather

Endothermic Energy.png Endothermic Energy

Essence of Eleum.png Essence of Eleum

Essence of Chaos.png Essence of Chaos

Essence of Cinder.png Essence of Cinder

Fetid Essence.png Fetid Essence

Galactica Singularity.gif Galactica Singularity

Grand Scale.png Grand Scale

Gypsy Powder.png Gypsy Powder

IOU an item.png IOU an item

Living Shard.png Living Shard

Lumenyl.png Lumenyl

Maneater Bulb.png Maneater Bulb

Meld Blob.png Meld Blob

Murky Paste.png Murky Paste

Murky Sludge.png Murky Sludge

Nightmare Fuel.png Nightmare Fuel

Phantoplasm.gif Phantoplasm

Plague Cell Canister.png Plague Cell Canister

Purified Gel.png Purified Gel

Reaper Tooth.png Reaper Tooth

Ruinous Soul.png Ruinous Soul

Stardust.png Stardust

Stormlion Mandible.png Stormlion Mandible

Trapper Bulb.png Trapper Bulb

True Shadow Scale.png True Shadow Scale

Twisting Nether.png Twisting Nether

Unholy Core.png Unholy Core

Unholy Essence.png Unholy Essence

Victory Shard.png Victory Shard

Wulfrum Shard.png Wulfrum Shard

Yharon Soul Fragment.png Yharon Soul Fragment


Abombination.png Abombination

Ancient Medallion.png Ancient Medallion

Astral Chunk.png Astral Chunk

Birb Pheromones.png Birb Pheromones

Bloody Worm Food.png Bloody Worm Food

Charred Idol.png Charred Idol

Cosmic Worm.png Cosmic Worm

Cryo Key.png Cryo Key

Decapodita Sprout.png Decapodita Sprout

Desert Medallion.png Desert Medallion

Draedon's Remote.png Draedon's Remote

Dragon Egg.png Dragon Egg

Eidolon Tablet.png Eidolon Tablet

Eye of Desolation.png Eye of Desolation

Eye of Extinction.png Eye of Extinction

Necroplasmic Beacon.png Necroplasmic Beacon

Old Power Cell.png Old Power Cell

Overloaded Sludge.png Overloaded Sludge

Profaned Core.png Profaned Core

Profaned Shard.png Profaned Shard

Rune of Kos.png Rune of Kos

Sandstorm's Core.png Sandstorm's Core

Seafood.png Seafood

Starcore.png Starcore

Super Dummy.png Super Dummy

Teratoma.png Teratoma

Miscellaneous items

Brimstone Key.png Brimstone Key

Demon Trophy.png Demon Trophy

Iron Heart.png Iron Heart

Revengeance.png Revengeance

Starter Bag.png Starter Bag

Treasure Bag.gif Treasure Bag


Arid Artifact.png Arid Artifact

Blood Relic.png Blood Relic

Terminus.png Terminus

Torrential Tear.png Torrential Tear