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There are currently 3 new Mounts added to the Calamity mod, with 2 of them having the ability to fly.

Types[edit | edit source]

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Item Mount Description Height (ft) Speed (mph) Source
Brimrose.png Brimrose Brimrose Mount.png Brimrose Mount
  • Can float in place and fly very fast
  • 62 mph (flying horizontally)
  • 41 mph (flying vertically)
Brimstone Elemental.png Brimstone Elemental (In Revengeance Mode after Providence, the Profaned Goddess has been defeated)
Fabsol (item).png Fabsol Alicorn Mount.png Alicorn
  • Can both walk and fly
  • 93 mph (on ground)
  • 115 mph (flying vertically)
The Devourer of Gods.png The Devourer of Gods (in Revengeance Mode when affected by the Fab buff)
Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean.png Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean Squishy Bean Mount.png Squishy Bean
  • Can jump very high and fall down quickly
  • 40 mph (on ground)
  • 128 mph (falling)
Astrum Aureus.png Astrum Aureus (In Revengeance Mode after Moon Lord has been defeated)