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This is a list of all items in the Calamity Mod, and their projectiles, which use npc.immune to modify enemy immunity frames.

Item Projectile/s npc.immune
The Amalgam The Amalgam Brimstone Rain 7
Anahita's Arpeggio Anahita's Arpeggio Clefs 7
Ancient Ice Chunk Ancient Ice Chunk Ice Claspers 7
Arch Amaryllis Arch Amaryllis Beams 7
Ark of the Cosmos Ark of the Cosmos Solar Explosions 4
Asgard's Valor Asgard's Valor Dashes 6
Asgardian Aegis Asgardian Aegis Dashes 6
Asteroid Staff Asteroid Staff Asteroids 2
Astral Pike Astral Pike Pike 6
Atlantis Atlantis Spears 6
The Ballista The Ballista Greatarrows 12
Ballistic Poison Bomb Ballistic Poison Bomb Shrapnel 1
Barracuda Gun Barracuda Gun Barracudas 8
Biofusillade Biofusillade Lasers 1
Blight Spewer Blight Spewer Flames 4
Blissful Bombardier Blissful Bombardier Dust 0
Brackish Flask Brackish Flask Water Blasts 6
Brimlance Brimlance Spears
Standing Flames
Brimstone Flameblaster Brimstone Flameblaster Balls 5
Brimstone Sword Brimstone Sword Thrown Sword
Burning Sea Burning Sea Bouncing Fireballs 8
Charged Dart Blaster Charged Dart Blaster Energy Bolts
Split Energy Bolts
Cleansing Blaze Cleansing Blaze Flames 1
Crushsaw Crasher Crushsaw Crasher Axes 7
Cryogen (Lore) Cryogen (Lore) Dashes 6
Deepsea Staff Deepsea Staff Stars 5
Devil's Devastation Devil's Devastation Demonic Scythes 10
2 (post-Moon Lord)
Diseased Pike Diseased Pike Pike 6
Drataliornus Drataliornus Dust
Exo Arrows
Duststorm in a Bottle Duststorm in a Bottle Dust Clouds 5
Earthen Pike Earthen Pike Pike 8
Eidolon Staff Eidolon Staff Clusters 5
Elemental Axe Elemental Axe Axes 4
Elysian Aegis Elysian Aegis Dashes 6
Essence Flayer Essence Flayer Scythes 2
Everglade Spray Everglade Spray Sprays 8
Forbidden Sun Forbidden Sun Explosions 8
Frosty Flare Frosty Flare Flares 0
Fulguration Halberd Fulguration Halberd Spears 8
Galaxia Galaxia Solar Explosions 4
God's Bellows God's Bellows Flames 3
Havoc's Breath Havoc's Breath Flames 7
Hell Burst Hell Burst Spikes 8
Hellion Flower Spear Hellion Flower Spear Energy Projectiles
Herring Staff Herring Staff Herrings 8
Impaler Impaler Stakes 5
Lazhar Lazhar Lasers 4
Lucrecia Lucrecia Helices 5
Mangrove Chakram Mangrove Chakram Chakrams 6
Meowthrower Meowthrower Flames 8
Molten Amputator Molten Amputator Boomerangs 3
Mourningstar Mourningstar Solar Explosions 4
Needler Needler Needles 1
Nuclear Fury Nuclear Fury Typhoons 5
Primordial Earth Primordial Earth Dusts 6
Plague Keeper Plague Keeper Clouds 5
Plague Staff Plague Staff Fangs 2
Polaris Parrotfish Polaris Parrotfish Split Energy Bolts 3
Proporse Pistol Proporse Pistol Energy Bolts 7
Resurrection Butterfly Resurrection Butterfly Purple Butterflies 6
Rouge Slash Rouge Slash Slashes 1
Sandslasher Sandslasher Dust clouds 5
Shard of Antumbra Shard of Antumbra Pitchforks 2
Shredder Shredder Split Bolts 3
Shroomer Shroomer Homing Shrooms 5
Snowstorm Staff Snowstorm Staff Snowflake 7
Soul Harvester Soul Harvester Scythes 6
Spyker Spyker Spikes 1
Starnight Lance Starnight Lance Lance 8
Stream Gouge Stream Gouge Beams 2
Subduction Slicer Subduction Slicer Scythes 3
Tarragon Throwing Dart Tarragon Throwing Dart Darts 3
Tears of Heaven Tears of Heaven Balls 6
Terra Flameburster Terra Flameburster Flames 5
Terra Lance Terra Lance Lance
Terra Ray Terra Ray Beams 8
Terra Shiv Terra Shiv Projectiles 7
Terra-cotta Terra-cotta Explosions 6
Titanium Railgun Titanium Railgun Lasers 7
Tome of Fates Tome of Fates Tentacles 5
True Bloody Edge True Bloody Edge Projectiles 9
True Excalibur Shortsword True Excalibur Shortsword Projectiles 7
True Night's Stabber True Night's Stabber Projectiles 7
True Tyrant's Ultisword True Tyrant's Ultisword Blazing Blades 5
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed Rolling Tumbleweed 5
Typhon's Greed Typhon's Greed Staff 6
Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword Blazing Blades 5
Vile Feeder Vile Feeder Eaters 0
Virulence Virulence Clouds 5
Void of Calamity Void of Calamity Brimstone Rain 7
Void of Extinction Void of Extinction Brimstone Rain 7
Vulcanite Lance Vulcanite Lance Spears 6
Yharim's Gift Yharim's Gift Dust 0