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The Ocean is a vanilla biome. The Calamity Mod adds 8 new enemies along with a new boss.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
Box Jellyfish.png Box Jellyfish
Frogfish.png Frogfish
Mantis Shrimp.png Mantis Shrimp
Moray Eel.png Moray Eel
Sea Urchin.png Sea Urchin
LeviathanStart.png ???

After Plantera has been defeated:

Aquatic Aberration.png Aquatic Aberration
Parasea.png Parasea


Siren and Leviathan.png Siren and Leviathan

From Frogfishes:
Cloaking Gland.png Cloaking Gland

From Pink Jellyfishes:

Life Jelly.png Life Jelly

From Sea Urchins:

Urchin Stinger.png Urchin Stinger

From Sharks:

Depth Blade.png Depth Blade

From ??? in Revengeance Mode:

Siren's Heart.png Siren's Heart

From Mantis Shrimps after Plantera has been defeated:

Mantis Claws.png Mantis Claws
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