Perforator Cyst

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Perforator Cyst
Perforator Cyst.png
TypeBoss Summoning
EnvironmentThe Crimson
AI TypePerforator Cyst AI
Max Life1,000
Defense 0
KB Resist0%

The Perforator Cyst is a rare Pre-Hardmode stationary enemy that spawns in the Crimson biome. When killed, it will summon The Perforators. The Perforator Cyst has abnormally high life for Pre-Hardmode, ensuring that early players won't accidentally summon the boss. It is the Crimson counterpart to the Hive Cyst.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Perforators will spawn directly where the Perforator Cyst was after killing it, which means that unprepared players might be taken by surprise.
  • Despite being classified as an enemy, minions will not attack the cyst, exactly like with the Hive Cyst.