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Planetoids are structures added by the Calamity Mod that are created in the Space layer during world generation. They are floating spheres of blocks with varying sizes and materials, often containing valuable loot. There are 6 different types of planetoids: the Main Planetoid, Life Crystal Planetoids, Ore Planetoids, Jungle Planetoids, Beehive Planetoids, and Mushroom Planetoids. After defeating the Moon Lord, they will all be filled with Exodium Clusters. Most planetoids are generated within the middle 3rd of the map, although sometimes planetoids can be generated farther out from the center.

Main Planetoid[edit | edit source]

The Main Planetoid.

The Main Planetoid will always be located in the exact center of the map, above the player's spawn. It is the largest of the planetoids, and the size of the planetoid scales with the map size. At the center, there will be a structure made out of Stone Slabs, with a "core" composed of lava surrounded by Cinderplate. To the side of the core, there is a small laboratory containing a Heavy Work Bench, various placed bottles and a Chest containing several gardening items.

Unique Treasures Unique Drops
From Chest:
Herb BagHerb Bag
Blinkroot Planter BoxBlinkroot Planter Box
Deathweed Planter BoxDeathweed Planter Box
Daybloom Planter BoxDaybloom Planter Box
Fireblossom Planter BoxFireblossom Planter Box
Moonglow Planter BoxMoonglow Planter Box
Shiverthorn Planter BoxShiverthorn Planter Box
Waterleaf Planter BoxWaterleaf Planter Box

From terrain:

Heavy Work BenchHeavy Work Bench
Lead DoorLead Door
Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion
Lesser Mana PotionLesser Mana Potion
Steampunk LanternSteampunk Lantern
Stone SlabStone Slab
Stone Slab WallStone Slab Wall

From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:

Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Life Crystal Planetoids[edit | edit source]

A Life Crystal Planetoid containing diamonds.

Life Crystal Planetoids are the smallest and most common of the planetoids and are made of stone that is covered in a random type of moss. They will always contain a Life Crystal encased in either Platinum Brick or Gold Brick and will typically contain a cluster of a specific type of gem; however, there is a small chance that a gem cluster will not be generated.

Unique Drops

From terrain:

Life CrystalLife Crystal
Platinum BrickPlatinum Brick / Gold BrickGold Brick
Platinum Brick WallPlatinum Brick Wall / Gold Brick WallGold Brick Wall
From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:
Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Ore Planetoids[edit | edit source]

An Ore Planetoid with a tent and a campfire
An Ore Planetoid with an enchanted shrine.

Ore Planetoids are large planetoids containing streaks of a Pre-Hardmode Ore. The ore will always be the counterpart to one of the Pre-Hardmode ores generated in its world (for instance, if the world generated with Copper, a planetoid would contain Tin). They occasionally have a campfire and a tent on top of them or a pyramid-like structure (comparable to an Enchanted Sword Shrine) constructed of Stone Slabs with Shadewood Lamps on either side.

Unique Drops

From terrain:

Stone SlabStone Slab
Shadewood LampShadewood Lamp
Copper OreCopper Ore / Tin OreTin Ore
Iron OreIron Ore / Lead OreLead Ore
Silver OreSilver Ore / Tungsten OreTungsten Ore
Gold OreGold Ore / Platinum OrePlatinum Ore
Enchanted SwordEnchanted Sword / ArkhalisArkhalis
From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:
Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Jungle Planetoids[edit | edit source]

A Jungle Planetoid.

Jungle Planetoids are average sized planetoids made of mud and Jungle grass. They always contain a pool of water in the center with an accompanying Water Chest, and can generate with Jungle Trees on top of them.

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
From Water Chests:
Breathing ReedBreathing Reed
Water Walking BootsWater Walking Boots
Diving HelmetDiving Helmet

From terrain:

Water ChestWater Chest
From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:
Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Beehive Planetoids[edit | edit source]

A Beehive Planetoid.

Beehive Planetoids are very similar to Jungle Planetoids, as they are both made of mud and Jungle grass and are around the same size. The Beehive Planetoid, however, will contain a Bee Hive with some honey and a Queen Bee larva. Like Jungle Planetoids, Jungle Trees can generate on top of Beehive Planetoids.

Unique Drops

From terrain:

Hive WallHive Wall
From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:
Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Mushroom Planetoids[edit | edit source]

A Mushroom Planetoid.

Mushroom Planetoids are uncommon, average sized planetoids composed of mud and Mushroom grass.

Unique Drops

From terrain:

Glowing MushroomGlowing Mushroom
Mushroom Grass SeedsMushroom Grass Seeds
From terrain after defeating Moon Lord:
Exodium ClusterExodium Cluster

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Like with Floating Islands, Gravitation Potions are an extremely useful asset in locating Planetoids.
  • Building platforms around the Beehive Planetoid can be used as an arena to fight Queen Bee as an alternative to finding and hollowing out a hive in the Underground Jungle.
    • However, the existence of Beehive Planetoids in the sky can result in Queen Bee spawning if the player is reckless with far-reaching projectiles, as the hive larvae is extremely sensitive and can be broken by stray projectiles that manage to touch it.
  • Having a Mushroom Planetoid in your world is also very useful, as it allows Crabulon to be fought before finding the Glowing Mushroom biome underground and allows the Truffle to be acquired easily.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cinderplate in the the center of the Main Planetoid is based off of the core of the Earth.