Brimstone Crag

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"The scent of broken promises, pain, and eventual death is heavy in the air..."

The Brimstone Crag is a biome added by the Calamity Mod which spawns upon world creation. It can be found at the left side of the Underworld. It is composed of several large masses of Brimstone Slag half-buried in the ash, with deposits of Charred Ore interspersed within it. Across the crag there are several house-like structures, each containing a locked Shadow Chest with various Underworld items inside. Buried underneath the crags are three of these structures, which are unique in that they contain loot that is normally only obtainable from enemy drops, including the Philosopher's Stone.

Being submerged in lava in the Brimstone Crag causes significant damage over time, even to characters with immunity to lava.

The Brimstone Elemental boss can be summoned here by using a Charred Idol.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Brimstone Crag
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Scryllar.png Scryllar
Despair Stone.png Despair Stone
Soul Slurper.png Soul Slurper

In Hardmode:

Cultist Assassin.png Cultist Assassin


Brimstone Elemental.png Brimstone Elemental
From Shadow Chests
(from left to right, respectively):
Flamelash.png Flamelash
Flower of Fire.png Flower of Fire
Hellwing Bow.png Hellwing Bow
Lava Charm.png Lava Charm
Dark Lance.png Dark Lance
Sunfury.png Sunfury

From Shadow Chests underneath Brimstone Slag
(from left to right, respectively):

Magma Stone.png Magma Stone
Obsidian Rose.png Obsidian Rose
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone

From Scryllar, Despair Stone, Soul Slurper,
and Cultist Assassin in Hardmode:

Essence of Chaos.png Essence of Chaos

From Scryllar, Despair Stone, Soul Slurper, Cultist Assassin,
and Brimstone Elemental after defeating Providence:

Bloodstone.png Bloodstone

From terrain:

Brimstone Slag.png Brimstone Slag
Charred Ore.png Charred Ore
Obsidian Brick Wall.png Obsidian Brick Wall
Shadow Chest.png Shadow Chest
Obsidian Door.png Obsidian Door
Obsidian Table.png Obsidian Table
Obsidian Chair.png Obsidian Chair

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Player-created Brimstone Crag biomes are possible by placing at least 50 Brimstone Slag and/or Charred Ore in an area.
  • Using Steam Cloud to save a modded world will usually lead to all modded tiles being deleted from that world, so it is recommended to have it disabled.
  • The three chests buried in the center of the biome are only accessible with the Drax/Pickaxe Axe, Rod of Discord, Actuators, or the Onyx Excavator Key.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is risky to visit this biome in Pre-Hardmode, because the monsters in it are quite powerful and killing them will garner no rewards apart from money.
  • In Hardmode, it is a great place to farm for Essence of Chaos, as all of the biome's inhabitants can drop it.
  • If the Underworld environment proves too inconvenient or treacherous, the blocks from the Brimstone Crag can be moved elsewhere in the world to form an artificial biome that the player has more control over.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Brimstone Crag's theme is The Step Below Hell, which was composed by the artist DM DOKURO.
    • The main musical motifs are the themes of Brimstone Elemental, due to being the biome's boss, and Calamitas, due to her connection to the biome in the lore. A section of Supreme Calamitas' theme notably uses the melody from The Step Below Hell.
    • If the Calamity Music addon mod is disabled, Eerie will play instead.
  • It was previously known as the "Profaned Crags". This was changed to prevent any kind of unwanted connections with Providence, the Profaned Goddess.
    • Before that, it was known as the "Calamity biome".
  • In previous versions of the mod, the Brimstone Crag were located on the far left edge of the Underworld, and featured several tall spires and a large eye-like formation underneath. This was changed due to taking a significant amount of time to generate.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Smoking slag, crackling flames, and charred stone are all that remain of the underworld’s once-grand civilization. Centuries ago, primitive societies found their way to these scorching caverns and discovered power in the form of an eternal red flame. They grew to worship the flame and its otherworldly might - and over the course of generations, founded a mighty empire of magic as they learned to harness the red flame for themselves.

Their hierarchy of privilege and magical prowess fostered great conflict. Those in power hoarded power, restricting the lower classes’ knowledge and suppressing research that threatened them. One clan revolted against the restrictive and greedy ways of the capitol - but like many others in the empire’s history, they were exiled. The capitol waited for them to return for revenge, when those in power would crush them as an example. However, that day would never come. For those exiled, had come upon a curious revelation. Centuries spent living in the presence of the eternal flame, had led to these mages to develop a natural connection to the brand of magic which utilized brimstone, rather than a forced link, such as the rituals carried out by by the capitol. Forced to stop relying on the eternal flame, they began to develop their own style of magic, drawing from darker forces. As they built upon their own strength and training, this clan soon grew to be as powerful as those who controlled the eternal flame. Yet, they had long decided against revenge, realizing that such an act would lower them to the level of those in hell. Decades passed, and generations passed down the gift of brimstone magic, from parent to child. In time, it would be this clan to sire the Witch, Calamitas.

The empire of hell grew weak over the course of those long years, splintered by infighting and draconian rule. It was the beginning of a once-grand nation’s collapse - but its final death was at the hands of a conflict long past. An older Calamitas descended to the lands her ancestors called home and initiated a ruthless massacre, butchering the poor and weak on the outskirts first and then working in. Every death was another hateful soul twisted to her cause - every corpse, another revenant at her command - every life taken, another worshipper deprived from the eternal flame at the empire’s heart. These souls were twisted into abominations which to this day, haunt the slag. When no others remained, she corroded the essence of the flame with corrupt magic and flayed its spirit to the bone. Without joy, Calamitas fulfilled her orders and unknowingly avenged an ancient grudge long since lost to history. All that remained of that once-grand civilization was smoking slag, crackling flames, and charred stone.