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The Calamity Mod adds several tiers of rarity beyond those found in vanilla Terraria. These rarities are meant to accommodate the tiers of progression that exist after the Moon Lord is defeated.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Click a rarity color to see a listing of items of that rarity.

Tier Color Description
12 Rarity Level: 12 This tier is for the earliest post-Moon Lord items. These include items crafted from Luminite Bars and items dropped from Scorn Eaters, Profaned Energy, the Profaned Guardians, and Providence, the Profaned Goddess. The tier also contains items crafted using those drops, which includes Uelibloom Bars and the items crafted using them.
13 Rarity Level: 13 This tier is for items that are acquired around Polterghast and the Sentinels of the Devourer. This includes their summoning items, drops, and items crafted using these drops, as well as Phantoplasm and items crafted from it. It also includes the Cosmic Worm and direct drops from the Devourer of Gods, including Cosmilite Bars. Bloodstone and Omega Healing Potions also have this tier.
14 Rarity Level: 14 This tier is for items obtained after defeating the Devourer of Gods. This mostly consists of items crafted using Cosmilite Bars, Nightmare Fuel, and Endothermic Energy, as well as Nightmare Fuel and Endothermic Energy itself. It also includes Bumblebirb drops, Dragonfruit, Auric Ore, the Dragon Egg, and direct drops from Yharon.
15 Rarity Level: 15 This tier is for post-Yharon items. It includes Darksun Fragments, and items crafted from Darksun Fragments and Yharon Soul Fragments. It also includes Draedon's Heart, Murasama, the Eye of Extinction, and Shadowspec Bars.
16 Rarity Level: 16 This tier is for dedicated items that are dropped from Supreme Calamitas or crafted from Shadowspec Bars. It also includes the Soul Artifacts which are crafted using Exodium Clusters.
Donator Rarity Level: Donator This tier is for Patreon donator items.

Values Table[edit | edit source]

All weapons have fixed sell prices based on their rarity. A full table is below. Note: No weapons have rarity 11, so it has been omitted from the table.

Tier Sell Price
1 1 Gold Coin
2 2 Gold Coin
3 4 Gold Coin
4 12 Gold Coin
5 36 Gold Coin
6 48 Gold Coin
7 60 Gold Coin
8 80 Gold Coin
9 95 Gold Coin
10 1 Platinum Coin
12 1 Platinum Coin.png 20 Gold Coin.png
13 1 Platinum Coin.png 40 Gold Coin.png
14 1 Platinum Coin.png 80 Gold Coin.png
15 2 Platinum Coin.png 50 Gold Coin.png
16 5 Platinum Coin

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Certain items have unique rarities that fall outside of this progression: Legendary weapons, Yharim's Crystal, the Fabstaff, and the Staff of Blushie. Except for the Staff of Blushie, which is a solid deep blue, the names of these items continually cycle between two different colors.
  • Although certain items display these rarities in the inventory, internally these items are treated as if they had other rarities. One way to see this is by hovering over them to view their names when they are in the hotbar or dropped in the world, which will reveal their true rarities.
    • Most of these items have White rarity by default. This means that, with the exceptions of particular items such as Azathoth or items with beneficial modifiers that increase their tier, most of them will be destroyed in lava, despite being post-Moon Lord items.
    • This also means that modifiers will not affect the colors of the item names displayed when viewed in the inventory (so, for example, a Legendary Exoblade will show up as the same color as a Broken Exoblade).

See Also[edit | edit source]

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