Recipes/Work Bench

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Work Bench
Result Ingredients
Abyss Gravel Abyss Gravel WallAbyss Gravel Wall (4)
Abyss Gravel Wall Abyss GravelAbyss Gravel
Aerialite Brick Aerialite Brick WallAerialite Brick Wall (4)
Aerialite Brick Wall Aerialite BrickAerialite Brick
Ashen Slab Ashen Slab WallAshen Slab Wall (4)
Ashen Slab Wall Ashen SlabAshen Slab
Astral Brick Astral Brick WallAstral Brick Wall (4)
Astral Brick Wall Astral BrickAstral Brick
Astral Dirt Astral Dirt WallAstral Dirt Wall (4)
Astral Dirt Wall Astral DirtAstral Dirt
Astral Ice Astral Ice WallAstral Ice Wall (4)
Astral Ice Wall Astral IceAstral Ice
Astral Monolith Astral Monolith WallAstral Monolith Wall (4)
Astral Monolith Wall Astral MonolithAstral Monolith
Astral Sandstone Astral Sandstone WallAstral Sandstone Wall (4)
Astral Sandstone Wall Astral SandstoneAstral Sandstone
Astral Snow Astral Snow WallAstral Snow Wall (4)
Astral Snow Wall Astral SnowAstral Snow
Astral Stone Astral Stone WallAstral Stone Wall (4)
Astral Stone Wall Astral StoneAstral Stone
Bouncy Spiky Ball Spiky BallSpiky Ball (3)
Pink GelPink Gel
Brimstone Slag Wall Brimstone SlagBrimstone Slag
Celestial Remains Celestial Remains WallCelestial Remains Wall (4)
Celestial Remains Wall Celestial RemainsCelestial Remains
Chaotic Brick Chaotic Brick WallChaotic Brick Wall (4)
Chaotic Brick Wall Chaotic BrickChaotic Brick
Chaos Candle Water CandleWater Candle (3)
Soul of NightSoul of Night (3)
Core of ChaosCore of Chaos (2)
Zerg PotionZerg Potion
Cinderplate Wall CinderplateCinderplate
Cryonic Brick Cryonic Brick WallCryonic Brick Wall (4)
Cryonic Brick Wall Cryonic BrickCryonic Brick
Cosmilite Brick Cosmilite Brick WallCosmilite Brick Wall (4)
Cosmilite Brick Wall Cosmilite BrickCosmilite Brick
Eutrophic Sand Eutrophic Sand Wall SafeEutrophic Sand Wall Safe (4)
Eutrophic Sand Wall Safe Eutrophic SandEutrophic Sand
Eutrophic Shelf NavystoneNavystone (10)
Sea PrismSea Prism (5)
Prism ShardPrism Shard (5)
Hardened Astral Sand Hardened Astral Sand WallHardened Astral Sand Wall (4)
Hardened Astral Sand Wall Hardened Astral SandHardened Astral Sand
Leather VertebraeVertebrae (5)
Monolith Amalgam Astral MonolithAstral Monolith (20)
Nasty Cholla CactusCactus (2)
Navystone Navystone Wall SafeNavystone Wall Safe (4)
Navystone Wall NavystoneNavystone
Navystone Wall Safe NavystoneNavystone
Otherworldly Stone Otherworldly Stone WallOtherworldly Stone Wall (4)
Otherworldly Stone Wall Otherworldly StoneOtherworldly Stone
Perennial Brick Perennial Brick WallPerennial Brick Wall (4)
Perennial Brick Wall Perennial BrickPerennial Brick
Plagued Plate Plagued Plate WallPlagued Plate Wall (4)
Plagued Plate Wall Plagued PlatePlagued Plate
Profaned Crystal Wall Profaned CrystalProfaned Crystal
Profaned Rock Profaned Rock WallProfaned Rock Wall (4)
Profaned Rock Wall Profaned RockProfaned Rock
Profaned Slab Profaned Slab WallProfaned Slab Wall (4)
Profaned Slab Wall Profaned SlabProfaned Slab
Runic Profaned Brick Wall Runic Profaned BrickRunic Profaned Brick
Shock Grenade GrenadeGrenade (10)
Martian Conduit PlatingMartian Conduit Plating (2)
Silva Crystal Silva WallSilva Wall (4)
Silva Wall Silva CrystalSilva Crystal
Smooth Abyss Gravel Abyss GravelAbyss Gravel
Smooth Abyss Gravel Smooth Abyss Gravel WallSmooth Abyss Gravel Wall (4)
Smooth Abyss Gravel Wall Smooth Abyss GravelSmooth Abyss Gravel
Smooth Brimstone Slag Brimstone SlagBrimstone Slag
Smooth Brimstone Slag Smooth Brimstone Slag WallSmooth Brimstone Slag Wall (4)
Smooth Brimstone Slag Wall Smooth Brimstone SlagSmooth Brimstone Slag
Smooth Navystone NavystoneNavystone
Smooth Navystone Smooth Navystone WallSmooth Navystone Wall (4)
Smooth Navystone Wall Smooth NavystoneSmooth Navystone
Smooth Voidstone VoidstoneVoidstone
Smooth Voidstone Smooth Voidstone WallSmooth Voidstone Wall (4)
Smooth Voidstone Wall Smooth VoidstoneSmooth Voidstone
Statigel Block Statigel PlatformStatigel Platform (2)
Statigel Block Statigel WallStatigel Wall (4)
Statigel Wall Statigel BlockStatigel Block
Sticky Spiky Ball Spiky BallSpiky Ball (3)
Stratus Brick Stratus WallStratus Wall (4)
Stratus Wall Stratus BrickStratus Brick
Tranquility Candle Peace CandlePeace Candle (3)
Soul of LightSoul of Light (3)
Core of EleumCore of Eleum (2)
Zen PotionZen Potion
Uelibloom Brick Uelibloom Brick WallUelibloom Brick Wall (4)
Uelibloom Brick Wall Uelibloom BrickUelibloom Brick
Voidstone Voidstone WallVoidstone Wall (4)
Voidstone Wall VoidstoneVoidstone
Voidstone Slab Voidstone Slab WallVoidstone Slab Wall (4)
Voidstone Slab Wall Voidstone SlabVoidstone Slab