Shadowspec Bar

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This is a developer item! It is made for: Shadowspec
Shadowspec Bar
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Shadowspec Bar inventory icon
Type Crafting material
Rarity Rarity Level: 15
Sell 20 Gold Coin.png

Shadowspec Bars are post-Moon Lord bars. They are used to craft various developer items and are crafted using Calamitous Essence, Yharon Soul Fragments and various other materials.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Draedon's Forge.png Draedon's Forge
Ingredient(s) Amount
Bar of Life.png Bar of Life 3
Phantoplasm.gif Phantoplasm 3
Nightmare Fuel.png Nightmare Fuel 3
Endothermic Energy.png Endothermic Energy 3
Calamitous Essence.png Calamitous Essence 1
Darksun Fragment.png Darksun Fragment 1
Yharon Soul Fragment.png Yharon Soul Fragment 1
Shadowspec Bar.gif Shadowspec Bar 3

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Crystyl Crusher.png Gallant Pickaxe.pngGallant Pickaxe Draedon's Forge.png Draedon's Forge
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Blossom Pickaxe.pngBlossom Pickaxe
Animus.png Blade of Enmity.pngBlade of Enmity
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Earth.png Grand Guardian.pngGrand Guardian
Galactus Blade.pngGalactus Blade
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Draconic Destruction.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Core of Cinder.pngCore of Cinder (3)
Core of Eleum.pngCore of Eleum (3)
Solar Fragment.pngSolar Fragment (10)
Red Sun.png Mandible Blade.pngMandible Blade
Forsaken Saber.pngForsaken Saber
Core of Cinder.pngCore of Cinder (5)
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Illustrious Knives.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Core of Calamity.gifCore of Calamity (3)
Empyrean Knives.pngEmpyrean Knives
Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might.png True Paladin's Hammer.pngTrue Paladin's Hammer
Soul of Might.pngSoul of Might (30)
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Azathoth.png Terrarian.pngTerrarian
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Core of Calamity.gifCore of Calamity (3)
Megafleet.png Seadragon.pngSeadragon
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Soul of Might.pngSoul of Might (30)
Soma Prime.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Svantechnical.png S.D.M.G..pngS.D.M.G.
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Soul of Might.pngSoul of Might (10)
Soul of Sight.pngSoul of Sight (10)
Soul of Fright.pngSoul of Fright (10)
Contagion.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Fabstaff.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (50)
Phantoplasm.gifPhantoplasm (100)
The Dance of Light.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (5)
Lunar Flare.pngLunar Flare
Wrath of the Ancients.pngWrath of the Ancients
Staff of Blushie.png Phantoplasm.gifPhantoplasm (100)
Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (50)
Demonshade Helm.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (8)
Demonshade Breastplate.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (15)
Demonshade Greaves.png Shadowspec Bar.gifShadowspec Bar (11)
Calamitous Essence.png Calamitous Essence • Shadowspec Bar.gif Bar • Crystyl Crusher.png Crystyl Crusher

Animus.png Animus • Earth.png Earth • Draconic Destruction.png Draconic Destruction • Red Sun.png Red Sun • Azathoth.png Azathoth • Megafleet.png Megafleet • Soma Prime.png Soma Prime • Svantechnical.png Svantechnical • Contagion.png Contagion • The Dance of Light.png The Dance of Light • Fabstaff.png Fabstaff • Staff of Blushie.png Staff of Blushie • Illustrious Knives.png Illustrious Knives • Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might.png Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might

Demonshade Breastplate.png Demonshade armor

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