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This page describes old mod content that was removed or replaced. The information here does not apply to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
Max Life25,000,000
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffNO UNO U
100% chance
Debuff duration22 seconds / 44 seconds
Debuff tooltipNO
Coins 2000 Platinum Coin.png

THE LORDE was a post-Moon Lord joke superboss that is no longer available in the mod. It was to be considered one of, if not the most difficult boss in the Calamity Mod.


It was summoned by using NO (currently known as "SYNTAX ERROR"), which was dropped by Bohldohrs in the Jungle Temple after Supreme Calamitas had been defeated.


Every single frame, its AI had a chance to change into another AI. All of the possible AIs it could change into were vanilla AIs. This also meant that it could potentially spawn other enemies, like boss minions, or even despawn due to how the AI works.

While THE LORDE was alive, all damage that the player received would be multiplied by 6.9, and taking damage from any source would inflict the NO U debuff on the player, which completely disabled the player's armor and accessories.

When THE LORDE's health fell to or below 500,000, it stopped taking damage from any attacks. This effect disappeared after 100 seconds, rendering it vulnerable again.


  • Going too far away from it would either cause it to enrage or despawn, depending on its current AI.
  • Mounts were disabled while the boss is alive.
  • Enemies spawned by THE LORDE, such as Golem's head and fists, Skeletron Prime's limbs, or Plantera's tentacles, would persist until they were killed or THE LORDE was killed.
  • If THE LORDE used Duke Fishron or Plantera AI, it would enter the enraged state of that boss unless the player was in the correct biome.
  • If the player attempted to instantly kill THE LORDE, such as by using another mod's butcher function or an incredibly powerful weapon, it would trigger the same response as attempting to insta-kill The Devourer of Gods.
  • Taking damage from any source inflicted NO U on the player for a very small amount of time, but direct contact with THE LORDE inflicted it for much longer.
  • THE LORDE would instantly despawn if the player used invincibility/God-Mode from other mods, similar to Supreme Calamitas.


  • Any direct hit from THE LORDE effectively guaranteed death by stripping the player of all defense and mobility. Players should have always stayed at a distance from the boss and prioritized dodging its dash attacks at all costs.
  • If players were inflicted with NO U, the Rod of Discord might have helped to stall for time.
  • Yharim's Crystal was a very good weapon against THE LORDE due to its massive damage output.
  • THE LORDE would use Nebula Floater AI, causing it to teleport around the player whenever struck. Since it can teleport directly into the player if they were moving or abruptly kill them out of a teleport by switching to an AI such as Plantera or Queen Bee, they should have stop attacking and waited out the phase until THE LORDE used a different AI.
  • A good strategy to defeat THE LORDE was to exit its range to provoke its enraged state and then circle a particular point. THE LORDE would have constantly homed in on the player in a wide loop, trying to ram them. This strategy is similar to one that can be used to defeat the Dungeon Guardian.


  • THE LORDE was originally just a joke, but Fabsol/MountainDrew, the creator of the mod, decided to add it in the game as a secret boss for fun.
  • At the time of its release, it had the most health of any enemy in the game; however, it was surpassed by the Adult Eidolon Wyrm, which used to have 30,000,000 HP before its HP was significantly nerfed to 1,000,000.
  • Its sprite was a heavily pixelated artistic rendition of Lord Yharim, an important figure in the Calamity Mod's lore, with googly eyes.
  • THE LORDE was a parody of "extremely difficult" bosses that draw their difficulty from poorly implemented gimmicks or lazy design.
  • The developer had posted a changelog saying LORDE was removed, but it only got its name changed to "SELF-INSERT BOSS UNCREATIVE AS FUCK BABY RAGE K U LOL BAI".
    • Later, it was "removed" again but only had its name changed back to the original one.
  • THE LORDE, its debuff and its summoning item (at that time) were all references to the well-known "no u" meme.