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Are the item drop chances listed correctly? I'm on my 160th battle or so with Yharon and I've gotten 3 Yharim's crystal but not a single void vortex spell. I'm playing in revengence mode although I'm fairly certain that doesn't matter for dropping the vortex. It's starting to get incredibly frustrating and I've taken to using mods to sit in god mode while I let minions take him out so I can partially afk. Is the drop chance for the void vortex actually 2.5% because it feels a LOT lower... From: Unkown

Yharon in the latest version is bugged with the drop rate of the Void Vortex and cannot drop it via the bag. Currently, the Void Vortex is only obtainable in Normal Mode. This bug will be patched with the release of the next update. Merkalto (talk) 02:16, 2 June 2019 (UTC)