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This template is used to display a weapon's or tool's best modifier.


{{ modifier | <item category> | plural = 1 (optional) }}

List of item categories
Parameter value Description
melee Most melee weapons.
meleealt Weapons that cannot get size modifiers. For example: yoyos, flails, and spears.
speedy Weapons that can receive modifiers to speed, but not to some other stat like mana cost or knockback.
harvest Melee "weapons" that are mainly used for harvesting tiles.
harvestalt Weapons listed on Mining speed where Legendary is equivalent to Light in speed boost.
harvestmech Harvesting tools that do not benefit from Mining speed.
ranged Most ranged weapons.
rangedalt Weapons that cannot get speed modifiers.
rangednokb Ranged weapons with no knockback.
nokb Weapons with no knockback.
nokbalt Weapons with no knockback that do not benefit from higher speed.
magic Most magic weapons.
magicsummon Magic weapons that continue dealing damage after the user switches weapons (and have non-zero knockback).
magicnokb Magic weapons with no knockback.
magiclow Magic weapons with a base mana cost of exactly 4.
summon Most summon weapons.
summonalt Summon weapons with low base damage.
summonactive Summon weapons that don't use up minion slots and can be used in quick succession, e.g. Borealis Bomber.
rogue Most rogue weapons.
meleeandrogue Weapons that have melee and rogue variants.
lowdamage Most low base damage weapons that cannot receive damage modifiers due to rounding.
none Any weapon that can't be reforged.


{{modifier|melee|plural=1}} → Their best modifier is Legendary.