The Crimson

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The Crimson is a vanilla biome. The Calamity Mod adds 2 new enemies and a new boss that must be fought there.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Crimson
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
 :Perforator Cyst.png Perforator Cyst
Crimulan Blight Slime.png Crimulan Blight Slime


The Perforators.png The Perforators

From Shrines:
Flesh Knuckles.png Flesh Knuckles

From Crimslimes:
Murky Sludge.png Murky Sludge

From Crimulan Blight Slimes:

Blighted Gel.png Blighted Gel

From Face Monsters and Herplings:

Bloodletting Essence.png Bloodletting Essence

From Ichor Stickers:

Essence of Chaos.png Essence of Chaos
Ichor Spear.png Ichor Spear

From Crimson Mimics:

Celestial Claymore.png Celestial Claymore
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