The Hallow

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The Hallow biome features 4 new enemies, most of which spawn after Moon Lord is defeated. Two new bosses, the Profaned Guardians and Providence, the Profaned Goddess, must be summoned and fought in this biome or in the Underworld.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Hallow
Characters Unique Drops
In Hardmode:
Crystal Crawler.png Crystal Crawler

After Moon Lord has been defeated:

Impious Immolator.png Impious Immolator
Profaned Energy.png Profaned Energy
Scorn Eater.png Scorn Eater


Profaned Guardians.png Profaned Guardians
Providence, the Profaned Goddess.png Providence, the Profaned Goddess
From Crystal Crawlers:
Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard
Crystal Blade.png Crystal Blade

From Hallowed Mimics:

Celestial Claymore.png Celestial Claymore

From Scorn Eaters, Profaned Energies,
and Impious Immolators:

Unholy Essence.png Unholy Essence

From Impious Immolators:

Energy Staff.png Energy Staff

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