The Underworld

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"These obsidian and hellstone towers were once homes to thousands of...'people'."

The Underworld layer features 5 new enemies along with 3 new bosses. The Brimstone Crag biome generates in the left side of the Underworld, and a shrine can be found here near the bottom edge of the world, which contains the Murasama.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Underworld
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
In Hardmode:
Heat SpiritHeat Spirit

After Plantera has been defeated:

Charred SlimeCharred Slime

After the Moon Lord has been defeated:

Impious ImmolatorImpious Immolator
Profaned EnergyProfaned Energy
Scorn EaterScorn Eater


Profaned GuardiansProfaned Guardians
Providence, the Profaned GoddessProvidence, the Profaned Goddess
Signus, Envoy of the DevourerSignus, Envoy of the Devourer
From Shrine:
From Demons and Voodoo Demons:
Demonic Bone AshDemonic Bone Ash
Bladecrest OathswordBladecrest Oathsword

From Bone Serpents:

Demonic Bone AshDemonic Bone Ash
Old Lord OathswordOld Lord Oathsword

From Fire Imps:

Ashen StalactiteAshen Stalactite

From Heat Spirits and Red Devils:

Essence of ChaosEssence of Chaos

From Charred Slimes:

Charred OreCharred Ore

From Scorn Eaters, Profaned Energies,
and Impious Immolators:

Unholy EssenceUnholy Essence

From Impious Immolators:

Energy StaffEnergy Staff

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