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NPC Condition Quote
AnglerAngler If the Sea King is present "Someone tell [Name of Sea King] to quit trying to throw me out of town, it's not going to work."
Arms DealerArms Dealer During a Solar Eclipse "That's the biggest moth I've ever seen for sure. You'd need one big gun to take one of those down."
If the player has defeated The Devourer of Gods "Is it me or are your weapons getting bigger and bigger?"
ClothierClothier If the Moon Lord is alive "Houston, we've had a problem."
If the Moon Lord has been defeated "Who you gonna call?"
"Those screams...I'm not sure why, but I feel like a nameless fear has awoken in my heart."
"I can faintly hear ghostly shrieks from the dungeon...and not ones I'm familiar with at all. Just what is going on in there?"
If Polterghast has been defeated "Whatever that thing was, I'm glad it's gone now."
CyborgCyborg During the Rain "All these moments will be lost in time. Like the rain."
If the Moon Lord has been defeated "Always shoot for the moon! It has clearly worked before."
"Draedon? He's...a little 'high octane' if you know what I mean."
If the Golem has been defeated, but The Plaguebringer Goliath has not "Those oversized bugs terrorizing the jungle... Surely you of all people could shut them down!"
DemolitionistDemolitionist If The Devourer of Gods has been defeated "God Slayer Dynamite? Boy do I like the sound of that!"
DryadDryad During a buffed Solar Eclipse "There's a dark solar energy emanating from the moths that appear during this time. Ah, the moths as you progress further get more powerful...hmm...what power was Yharon holding back?"
In Hardmode "That starborne illness sits upon this land like a blister. Do even more vile forces of corruption exist in worlds beyond?"
When in the Glowing Mushroom biome "I'm not here for any reason! Just picking up mushrooms for uh, later use."
When in the Glowing Mushroom biome and Drunk Princess is present "[Name of Drunk Princess] put me up to this."
When in the Sulphurous Sea "My ancestor was lost here long ago. I must pay my respects to her."
Dye TraderDye Trader Any time "Have you seen those gemstone creatures in the caverns? Their colors are simply breathtaking!"
If Archmage is present "Do you think [Name of Archmage] knows how to 'let it go?'"
Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer If the Bandit is present "Hey, is it just me or have my pockets gotten lighter ever since [Name of Bandit] arrived?"
If the Moon Lord has been defeated "You know...we haven't had an invasion in a while..."
GuideGuide In Hardmode "Could you be so kind as to, ah...check hell for me...? I left someone I kind of care about down there."
"I have this sudden shiver up my spine, like a meteor just fell and thousands of innocent creatures turned into monsters from the stars."
If the Moon Lord has been defeated "The dungeon seems even more restless than usual, watch out for the powerful abominations stirring up in there."
In Providence has been defeated "Seems like extinguishing that butterfly caused its life to seep into the hallowed areas, try taking a peek there and see what you can find!"
"I've heard there is a portal of antimatter absorbing everything it can see in the dungeon, try using the Rune of Kos there!"
MechanicMechanic If the Moon Lord has been defeated "What do you mean your traps aren't making the cut? Don't look at me!"
During a Solar Eclipse "Um...should my nightlight be on?"
If the Drunk Princess is present "Well, I like [Name of Drunk Princess], but I, ah...I have my eyes on someone else."
During the Acid Rain "Maybe I should've waterproofed my gadgets... They're starting to corrode."
MerchantMerchant If the Moon Lord has been defeated "Each night seems only more foreboding than the last. I feel unthinkable terrors are watching your every move."
During a Solar Eclipse "Are you daft?! Turn off those lamps!"
During the Rain when in the Sulphurous Sea "If this acid rain keeps up, there'll be a shortage of Dirt Blocks soon enough!"
If the Bandit is present "I happen to have several Angel Statues at the moment, a truely rare commodity. Want one?"
In Death Mode "The caverns have become increasingly dark as of late, so I stocked up on some special torches if you have the funds."
NurseNurse If attempting to heal when a boss is alive in Death Mode "Now is not the time!"
PainterPainter When in The Corruption "A little sickness isn't going to stop me from doing my work as an artist!"
When in The Crimson "There's a surprising art to this area. A sort of horrifying, eldritch feeling. It inspires me!"
When in the Snow biome "I'm not exactly suited for this cold weather. Still looks pretty, though."
When in the Snow biome and the Archmage is present "Think [Name of Archmage] would let me paint him like one of his French girls?!"
When in the Desert "I hate sand. It's coarse, and rough and gets in my paint."
When in Space "I can't work in this environment. All of my paint just floats off."
When in the Jungle "Painting the tortoises in a still life isn't going so well."
When in the Astral Infection "I can't paint a still life if the fruit grows legs and walks away."
When in The Underworld "On the canvas, things get heated around here all the time. Like the environment!"
"Sorry, I'm all out of watercolors. They keep evaporating."
When in the Brimstone Crag "Roses, really? That's such an overrated thing to paint."
When in the Sulphurous Sea "Fun fact! Sulphur was used as pigment once upon a time! Or was it Cinnabar?"
When in the Abyss "Easiest landscape I've ever painted in my life."
Party GirlParty Girl If the Drunk Princess is present "I have a feeling we're going to have absolutely fantastic parties with [Name of Drunk Princess] around!"
During a Solar Eclipse "I think my light display is turning into an accidental bug zapper. At least the monsters are enjoying it."
"Ooh! I love parties where everyone wears a scary costume!"
PiratePirate If Anahita and Leviathan have not been defeated "Aye, I've heard of a mythical creature in the oceans, singing with an alluring voice. Careful when yer fishin out there."
If the Aquatic Scourge has been defeated "I have to thank ye again for takin' care of that sea serpent. Or was that another one..."
If the Sea King is present "I remember legends about that [Name of Sea King]. He ain't quite how the stories make him out to be though."
If the Drunk Princess is present "Twenty-nine bottles of beer on the wall..."
When in the Ocean "Now this is a scene that I can admire any time! I feel like something is watching me though."
When in the Sulphurous Sea "It ain't much of a sight, but there's still life living in these waters."
"Me ship might just sink from the acid alone."
Skeleton MerchantSkeleton Merchant Any time "What'dya buyin'?"
SteampunkerSteampunker If the player has a Portal Gun in their inventory "Just what is that contraption? It makes my Teleporters look like child's play!"
If the Moon Lord has been defeated "Yep! I'm also considering being a space pirate now."
When in the Astral Infection "Some of my machines are starting to go haywire thanks to this Astral Infection. I probably shouldn't have built them here"
When in The Hallow "I'm sorry I really don't have any Unicorn proof tech here, you're on your own."
StylistStylist In Hardmode "Please don't catch space lice. Or [type of world evil] lice. Or just lice in general."
If the Drunk Princess is present "Sometimes I catch [Name of Drunk Princess] sneaking up from behind me."
"[Name of Drunk Princess] is always trying to brighten my mood...even if, deep down, I know she's sad."
When her name is 'Amber', the player has Profaned Soul Crystal equipped, and after Supreme Calamitas has been defeated "They look so cute and yet, I can feel their immense power just by being near them. What are you?"
"I hate to break it to you, but you don't have hair to cut or style, hun."
When her name is 'Amber' and all 3 guardians from the Profaned Soul Artifact or Crystal are present. "Aww, they're so cute, do they have names?"
TavernkeepTavernkeep During a Full Moon "Care for a little Moonshine?"
If the Drunk Princess is present "Sheesh, [Name of Drunk Princess] is a little cruel, isn't she? I never claimed to be an expert on anything but ale!"
Tax CollectorTax Collector If the player has more than 100 Platinum Coins "BAH! Doesn't seem like I'll ever be able to quarrel with the debts of the town again!"
If the player has more than 500 Platinum Coins "Where and how are you getting all of this money?"
If the Brimstone Elemental has not been defeated "Perhaps with all that time you've got you could check those old ruins? Certainly something of value in it for you!"
If The Devourer of Gods has been defeated "Devourer of what, you said? Devourer of Funds, if its payroll is anything to go by!"
If the player has a Slick Cane in their inventory "Goodness! That cane has swagger!"
Traveling MerchantTraveling Merchant If the Drunk Princess and Merchant are present "Tell [Name of Drunk Princess] I'll take up her offer and meet with her at the back of [Name of Merchant]'s house."
TruffleTruffle Any time "I don't feel very safe; I think there's pigs following me around and it frightens me."
If the Drunk Princess is present "Sometimes, [Name of Drunk Princess] just looks at me funny and I'm not sure how I feel about that."
Witch DoctorWitch Doctor When in the Jungle "My home here has an extensive history and a mysterious past. You'll find out quickly just how extensive it is..."
When in the Jungle in Hardmode before Plantera is defeated "I have unique items if you show me that you have bested the guardian of this jungle."
During the Blood Moon "This is as good a time as any to pick up the best ingredients for potions."
WizardWizard In Hardmode "Space just got way too close for comfort."
If the Archmage is present "I'd let [Name of Archmage] coldheart MY icicle."