Uelibloom Bar

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Uelibloom Bar
  • Uelibloom Bar item sprite
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TypeCrafting material
RarityRarity Level: 12
Sell 1 Gold Coin.png 30 Silver Coin.png

Uelibloom Bars are post-Moon Lord bars made with 5 Uelibloom Ore at a Hardmode Forge. They are used to craft various plant-themed items.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Adamantite ForgeAdamantite Forge /
Titanium ForgeTitanium Forge
Ingredient(s) Amount
Uelibloom Ore Uelibloom Ore 5
Uelibloom Bar.png Uelibloom Bar 1

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Blossom Pickaxe Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7) Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Lifehunt Scythe Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (15)
Verdant Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (6)
Spyker Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (5)
Plasma Rifle Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Musket The UndertakerMusket or The Undertaker
Toxic FlaskToxic Flask
Nettlevine Greatbow Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (12)
Biofusillade Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (8)
Spell TomeSpell Tome
Tarragon Throwing Dart Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar
Tarragon Breastplate Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (15)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (18)
Tarragon Helm Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (6)
Tarragon Helmet Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (6)
Tarragon Horned Helm Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (6)
Tarragon Leggings Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (11)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (12)
Tarragon Mask Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (6)
Tarragon Visage Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (6)
Tarragon Wings Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (5)
Soul of FlightSoul of Flight (30)
Badge of Bravery Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (2)
Feral ClawsFeral Claws
Elderberry Life FruitLife Fruit (5)
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (10)
Luminite BarLuminite Bar (10)
Unholy EssenceUnholy Essence (20)
Aquatic Dissolution MarianaMariana
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Bar of LifeBar of Life (2)
LumenylLumenyl (20)
TenebrisTenebris (5)
Mistlestorm RazorpineRazorpine
Leaf BlowerLeaf Blower
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (7)
Dark PlasmaDark Plasma
Mortar Round Rocket IVRocket IV (100)
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (1)
Divine Retribution Divine GeodeDivine Geode (8)
Undine's RetributionUndine's Retribution
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (6)
Unholy EssenceUnholy Essence (10)
Angelic Shotgun Sunplate BlockSunplate Block (75)
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (10)
Divine GeodeDivine Geode (15)
Core of SunlightCore of Sunlight (7)
True Tyrant's Ultisword Tyrant Yharim's UltiswordTyrant Yharim's Ultisword Demon AltarDemon Altar /
Crimson AltarCrimson Altar
Core of CalamityCore of Calamity
Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (15)
Dark Sun Ring Uelibloom BarUelibloom Bar (10) Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil /
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Darksun FragmentDarksun Fragment (100)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Uelibloom Bars were previously known as Ueliace Bars and are still referred to as such in the files.