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The Underground layer features 7 new enemies, as well as a rare shrine structure which contains Tiger Climbing Gear.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Amethyst Crawler.png Amethyst Crawler
Diamond Crawler.png Diamond Crawler
Emerald Crawler.png Emerald Crawler
Ruby Crawler.png Ruby Crawler
Sapphire Crawler.png Sapphire Crawler
Topaz Crawler.png Topaz Crawler

In Hardmode:

Sun Bat.png Sun Bat
From Shrines:
Tiger Climbing Gear.png Tiger Climbing Gear

From Crawlers:
Gem.gif Gem

From Sun Bats:

Essence of Sunlight.png Essence of Sunlight

From Sun Bats under
Defiled Rune's effect:

Hel-Fire.png Hel-Fire

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