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The Desert biome features 5 new enemies, with one of them being a Mini boss. The Desert Scourge boss can be summoned here as well. A rare shrine can be found inside this biome which contains the normally Hardmode-exclusive accessory dropped by Golem, the Sun Stone. Alongside the new content inside the Desert, the Sunken Sea biome generates directly underneath the Underground Desert part of the biome.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Amber Crawler.png Amber Crawler
Stormlion.png Stormlion
Cnidrion.png Cnidrion

In Hardmode:

Sand Tortoise.png Sand Tortoise

During a Sandstorm after Plantera has been defeated:

Great Sand Shark.png Great Sand Shark


Desert Scourge.png Desert Scourge
From Shrines:
Sun Stone.png Sun Stone

From Antlions and
Antlion Chargers:
Mandible Bow.png Mandible Bow
Mandible Claws.png Mandible Claws

From Stormlions:

Stormlion Mandible.png Stormlion Mandible

From Amber Crawlers:

Amber.png Amber

From Cnidrions:

Amidias' Spark.png Amidias' Spark
Victory Shard.png Victory Shard
Coral.png Coral
Seashell.png Seashell
Starfish.png Starfish

From Sand Tortoises:
Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell

From Sand Elementals:

Elemental in a Bottle.png Elemental in a Bottle
Rare Elemental in a Bottle.png Rare Elemental in a Bottle

From Great Sand Sharks:

Grand Scale.png Grand Scale

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