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The Desert biome features 5 new enemies, with one of them being a Mini boss. The Desert Scourge boss can be summoned here as well. A shrine can be found inside this biome which contains Luxor's Gift. Alongside the new content inside the Desert, the Sunken Sea biome generates directly underneath the Underground Desert part of the biome.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Amber Crawler.png Amber Crawler
Stormlion.png Stormlion
Cnidrion.png Cnidrion

In Hardmode:

Sand Tortoise.png Sand Tortoise

During a Sandstorm after Plantera has been defeated:

Great Sand Shark.png Great Sand Shark


Desert Scourge.png Desert Scourge
From Shrines:
Luxor's Gift.png Luxor's Gift

From Antlions and
Antlion Chargers:
Mandible Bow.png Mandible Bow
Mandible Claws.png Mandible Claws

From Stormlions:

Stormlion Mandible.png Stormlion Mandible

From Amber Crawlers:

Amber.png Amber

From Cnidrions:

Amidias' Spark.png Amidias' Spark
The Transformer.png The Transformer
Victory Shard.png Victory Shard
Coral.png Coral
Seashell.png Seashell
Starfish.png Starfish

From Tomb Crawlers:

Burnt Sienna.png Burnt Sienna

From Sand Tortoises:
Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell

From Basilisks:

Evil Smasher.png Evil Smasher

From Sand Elementals:

Elemental in a Bottle.png Elemental in a Bottle
Rare Elemental in a Bottle.png Rare Elemental in a Bottle

From Dune Splicers after defeating Plantera:

Terra-cotta.png Terra-cotta

From Great Sand Sharks:

Grand Scale.png Grand Scale

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