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Things that need doing[edit | edit source]

Please bear in mind that some of these checks are not 100% perfect. They are the best I can do to get a good overview of the rules that govern these additions, so don't use them as a hard and fast checklist to see if you've done something properly or not.

Crafting materials without the category[edit | edit source]

Non-materials with the category[edit | edit source]

Items needing hardmode template parameter[edit | edit source]

Items needing postml template parameter[edit | edit source]

Unlicensed files[edit | edit source]

Pages to be added to Master Templates[edit | edit source]

Pages needing Master Templates[edit | edit source]

Items not on list of items[edit | edit source]

Weapons with critical=4 as a parameter[edit | edit source]

Outdated guides[edit | edit source]

Guide:Class setups
Guide:The Slime God strategies
Guide:Cryogen strategies
Guide:Jungle Dragon, Yharon strategies
Guide:Supreme Calamitas strategies
Guide:The Dragonfolly strategies
Guide:Polterghast strategies
Guide:Storm Weaver strategies
Guide:Profaned Guardians strategies
Guide:Aquatic Scourge strategies
Guide:Brimstone Elemental strategies
Guide:Mod progression
Guide:Astrum Deus strategies
Guide:Calamitas strategies
Guide:Astrum Aureus strategies
Guide:Providence, the Profaned Goddess strategies
Guide:The Devourer of Gods strategies
Guide:The Old Duke strategies
Guide:The Perforators strategies
Guide:The Hive Mind strategies
Guide:Ceaseless Void strategies
Guide:Signus, Envoy of the Devourer strategies
Guide:The Plaguebringer Goliath strategies
Guide:Leviathan and Anahita strategies

DPL Testing[edit | edit source]

Other Testing[edit | edit source]