Victory Shard

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Victory Shard
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Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Desert Scourge 7-14 / 10-16 100%
Eye of Cthulhu 2-4 / 3-5 100%
Cnidrion 1-3 100%
Aquatic Scourge 11-20 / 15-25 100%

Victory Shards are a Pre-Hardmode crafting material that are dropped by the Desert Scourge, Eye of Cthulhu, Cnidrion and the Aquatic Scourge. They are used to craft Victide Bars and other early-game items.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Victide Bar Victory ShardVictory Shard Any FurnaceAny Furnace
Starfury Gold Broadsword Platinum BroadswordGold Broadsword or Platinum Broadsword Iron AnvilIron Anvil /
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Fallen StarFallen Star (10)
Victory ShardVictory Shard (3)
Acceleration Round Victory ShardVictory Shard
Musket BallMusket Ball (150)
Superball Bullet Victory ShardVictory Shard
Meteor ShotMeteor Shot (150)
Firestorm Cannon Victory ShardVictory Shard (10)
Any Gold BarAny Gold Bar (10)
Flare GunFlare Gun
Enchanted Axe Iron Francisca Lead TomahawkIron Francisca or Lead Tomahawk (100)
Fallen StarFallen Star (5)
Victory ShardVictory Shard (10)
BoneBone (30)
Flurrystorm Cannon Snowball CannonSnowball Cannon
Aerialite BarAerialite Bar (10)
BoneBone (50)
Victory ShardVictory Shard (25)
Water BucketWater Bucket (3)
Illegal Gun PartsIllegal Gun Parts
Lazinator Laser RifleLaser Rifle Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil /
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Space GunSpace Gun
Victory ShardVictory Shard (5)
Enchanted Sword Victory ShardVictory Shard (10)
Soul of LightSoul of Light (15)
Unicorn HornUnicorn Horn (3)
Light ShardLight Shard
Triumph Potion Bottled WaterBottled Water Placed BottlePlaced Bottle
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Stormlion MandibleStormlion Mandible
Victory ShardVictory Shard (3)