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Astral Vines (placed).png Sulphurous Vines (placed).png Viper Vines (placed).png
Astral Vines Sulphurous Vines Viper Vines

Vines are plants that grow downward from blocks. They block light but do not impede movement and can easily be destroyed with nearly any weapon or tool. Destroying a tile of a vine destroys all tiles of the vine below it and destroying the topmost tile or mining the block it hangs from will destroy the entire vine. Unlike other vines, they are able to grow past the ten-block limit until they reach a block below them.

There are three different types of vines in the Calamity Mod, each native to a unique biome: Astral Vines (grow from Astral Dirt), Sulphurous Vines (grow from Sulphurous Sand and emit bright green light), and Viper Vines (grow from Planty Mush). Vines can only grow from blocks that are not sloped on their underside.

The Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage allows the collection of Vine Ropes from vines.

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