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Skyline Wings.png Tarragon Wings.png Starlight Wings.png Discordian Wings.png
Aureate Boosters.png Xeroc Wings.png Elysian Wings.png Drew's Wings.png
Type Accessory

The Calamity Mod introduces 8 types of Wings, with 1 uniquely being available in Pre-Hardmode and the other 7 being available in Hardmode.

Types[edit | edit source]

Wing Equipped Source Height
Rarity Value Notes
Skyline Wings.png Skyline Wings Skyline Wings (equipped).png 5 Aerialite Bar.png + 5 Feather.png + 5 Fallen Star.png + 15 Bone.png   @   Iron Anvil.png/Lead Anvil.png 20 Rarity Level: 3 1 Gold Coin.png Obtainable in pre-Hardmode
Tarragon Wings.png Tarragon Wings Tarragon Wings (equipped).png 5 Uelibloom Bar.png + 30 Soul of Flight.png   @   Ancient Manipulator.png 240 Rarity Level: 8 9 Gold Coin.png
Starlight Wings.png Starlight Wings Starlight Wings (equipped).png 5 Cryonic Bar.png + 1 Essence of Eleum.png + 30 Soul of Flight.png   @   Mythril Anvil.png/Orichalcum Anvil.png 110 Rarity Level: 5 10 Gold Coin.png
Discordian Wings.png Discordian Wings Discordian Wings (equipped).png 5 Chaotic Bar.png + 1 Essence of Chaos.png + 30 Soul of Flight.png   @   Mythril Anvil.png/Orichalcum Anvil.png 125 Rarity Level: 7 10 Gold Coin.png
Aureate Boosters.png Aureate Boosters Aureate Boosters (equipped).png 5 Perennial Bar.png + 1 Essence of Cinder.png + 30 Soul of Flight.png   @   Mythril Anvil.png/Orichalcum Anvil.png 70 Rarity Level: 6 10 Gold Coin.png
Xeroc Wings.png Xeroc Wings Xeroc Wings (equipped).png 5 Meld Bar.png + 1 Core of Calamity.gif + 30 Soul of Flight.png   @   Ancient Manipulator.png 170 Rarity Level: 9 10 Gold Coin.png
Elysian Wings.png Elysian Wings Elysian Wings (equipped).png Providence, the Profaned God when in the Hallow biome in an Expert Mode world. 230 Rarity Level: 11 2 Platinum Coin.png
  • Grants temporary immunity to lava
  • Emits holy flares on use
  • Used in the crafting of Elysian Tracers
Drew's Wings.png Drew's Wings Drew's Wings (equipped).png Jungle Dragon, Yharon with the Revengeance mode enabled 361 Rarity Level: rainbow 1 Platinum Coin.png

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Seraph Tracers.png Angel Treads.pngAngel Treads Ancient Manipulator.png Ancient Manipulator
Any Wings.gifAny Wings
Core of Calamity.gifCore of Calamity (3)
Bar of Life.pngBar of Life (5)
Luminite Bar.pngLuminite Bar (5)
Elysian Tracers.png Seraph Tracers.pngSeraph Tracers Ancient Manipulator.png Ancient Manipulator
Elysian Wings.pngElysian Wings
Cosmilite Bar.gifCosmilite Bar (5)
Phantoplasm.gifPhantoplasm (5)
Celestial Tracers.png Elysian Tracers.pngElysian Tracers Draedon's Forge.png Draedon's Forge
Drew's Wings.pngDrew's Wings
Darksun Fragment.pngDarksun Fragment (5)
Equipable Items: Demonshade Breastplate.png Armors • Grand Gelatin.png Accessories ( Bloody Worm Scarf.png Combat)